Sometimes we all need a push to really go for what we want.  And recently, as I approach “Year 29” I really have been in somewhat of a panic.  But now today, we celebrate the beginning of #Year29.  Let’s celebrate the plan for #Year29.  I NEED to GSD (get stuff done) to make “Year 29” memorable.  I know, everyday is memorable, but I’m referring to “Year 29” as the “Year of GSD to set up for success.”  What do I mean?  I mean somehow making “Year 29” significant in the sense that it blows the last 28 years out of the water.  Like every day literally is amazing, things will always be looking up, maximize productivity, passion, find your purpose, etc.  (For real).

I am unsure of where the future may lead “Year 29” but I do know that there are some actionable things that can happen in “Year 29” for success.

For example, I need to really work on myself.  (Even more than I have been).  Meaning, working on that “balance” of the Wellness Wheel.  (Emotional, Social, Occupational, Intellecutal, Psychological, Physical, Spiritual, Environmental)  All the components are in one wheel for a reason.  Everything is connected, and the center of the wheel, is YOU.  When one piece of the wheel is cracked, everything else is also suffering.  (Think about the air pressure of a tire- if there is the slightest hole, everything else seems to leak…)  That’s where you just have to remind yourself…Motivational Monday: Piece of Clareity

“Year 29” is going to be the year of making things happen.  Between trying new things, exploring new lands (Barcelona for starters!), exercising, cooking, writing more blog posts, journaling, reading, listening to new podcasts (recommendations please!).

I really want to make sense of this thing called “life” and help others navigate while they are helping me (without knowing it!) navigate my own thing called “life”.  I don’t want to sit idly by and just wait for things to happen and come into fruition.  I want to make things happen.  I want to go to bed at night with an answer of “What was one thing that made you proud today?”

Someone once told me that since we are all in this “game” together, by helping others, we are helping ourselves learn and grow.  (come to think of it, that totally makes sense now.)  I totally get that wisdom now.  I’ve learned so much about myself after helping hundreds of college students navigate their path, and how at one point, yes, I too was clueless, but now the appearance is that “She has her stuff together.”  To be honest, I don’t.  But I am quite flattered to learn that people think “Clare has it together.”  Do they know that behind the scenes I’m a literal mess?  I’m a work in progress, people.  We all are.

One thing I have learned.  We are all a work in progress.  Strive for progress, not perfection.  Don’t compare- progress is hindered during comparisons.

After all, at the end of the day, who else but each other can help lift us up?  I look to my family, friends, peers, other bloggers/podcasters/authors to help lift me up.  And sometimes I feel the support is limited.  But that’s because we are all seemingly too busy looking out for ourselves.  And that’s what frustrates me.  Why do we do this to ourselves and each other?  We are all in this game together.   We are all on the team together.  Let’s act like it! And how can we learn from each other, if we aren’t sharing our stories?

Why not all support each other and serve as the best teammates for “Team Human”

#year29 is all about improvement.  Working towards those “lofty” goals I have.  (Even though I REFUSE to acknowledge my goals are “lofty.”)    I know deep down that no matter what my goal may be, at least I know that I am the one that has the ability to make it happen.  (substitute “I” for “you” and bam!)  I wouldn’t have come up with these dreams and goals if they were unattainable.  No one just wakes up one day with a lofty goal for a reason.  The goal was implanted in them somehow, and it is now up to them to figure out how to make the dream become a reality.

Piece of Clareity

#year29 is for all of us.   #year29 is the year those “lofty/idealistic” goals become reality.  #year29 is going to be the year people are proved wrong.  We all have the ability to make those dreams a reality.  Let’s all go for them!   If my #year29 can help inspire at least one person to really make a small change in their lives, then I feel as though I did my job.



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