“Always be a student.”  That’s what I am constantly learning.  (Pun intended.)  Seriously though, how can we grow, if we don’t know?  One of the great things about podcasts is the ability to really listen to them anywhere.  If you have your phone with you, you are a learning lab.  My commute to and from work has become a “think tank” and or “mobile classroom.”  This whole growing up thing doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and often times, after college/grad school I think to myself “Why didn’t they teach this stuff in school?”  So I’ve had to find other ways to learn “this stuff.”  Between learning how to speak in public (or to strangers in general), or approach people for network marketing, or even just get out of the rut that you’re always in, there’s a podcast/book/someone out “there” who has been through “it”.  Thankfully these learners are putting their thoughts in the universe for people like you and me to gobble up and digest to build our own self-esteem/business/personal development.  Enter Belinda Ellsworth and her awesome “Work From Your Happy Place” podcast.

work from your happy place

This woman gets “it.”  She goes beyond that “sales-y/direct sales/network marketing” approach, and really hits home with some self-confidence boosters, and even further- personal testimonials.  When she speaks, I feel like it’s me and her, sitting around the kitchen table, having a cup of coffee.  Her kind voice, and even more energizing passionate wording makes her helpful, a great leader, and her results have pushed me to want to be a better person- not just in sales, but in life.  The first episode of her podcast really just sparked that “happiness is from within, and working from your happy place is within” philosophy.

Episode 1, Belinda interviewed Laura Wells from the Heart Link Network.  Now I won’t go into details of who Laura is and how she built up herself and her business, but I did want to share a few things that Laura said that “just made sense.”  The lightbulb went off numerous times, and yes, even though we’ve all heard these things before, something about her story and the passion in her voice (and maybe because I was ACTUALLY listening).  She (Laura) made a few points that really just stuck.  Paraphrased as:

  • YOU are the only one who can determine your happy place.
  • If you are not happy at 50 lbs overweight, who is to say you’d be happy at your goal weight?  Comes from within.
  • You are the master of your domain.  Let no one tell you otherwise
  • Support comes from everywhere.
  • If you aren’t learning, you aren’t growing.
  • Accept change, and grow with change.

Legit stuff, no?  

Seriously.  People can preach this til they are blue in the face.  (Still have yet to see someone turn blue in the face unless they are choking on something -yes, I’ve seen that- I was a lifeguard FOR YEARS- it can happen).  But are people actually listening?  Was that morning some different morning where I said “Self, pay attention- you’re in traffic, you’re going to be late to work, you might as well focus on something other than being late…”  And self said back “Let’s take a listen to this Belinda lady.  After all, Jamberry used her stuff all the time, why not follow why they are “teaching you?”  (Self and I have a lot of funny conversations).  W

WHY hasn’t this “clicked” sooner?
Why, today, do I finally make sense of this?

I guess it’s all about allowing yourself to be open to new ideas and concepts.  And learning and wanting to learn.  And being willing to grow and change.  Accepting who you currently are, and making the will to want to change yourself for the better.  If we are stuck in a constant cycle “in a rut” how else can we really get out unless we WANT to change?

That’s how the blog started.  I was “in a rut” and I wanted to learn to change.  This Saturn’s return thing is really weighing on me.  To not let it really get the best of me, I’m taking any and all steps to learn how to rise above and overcome this “mid-mid life crisis” and become who I want to become.   This podcast is a great start.


Keep rockin’ it.


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