Everyone always brags about how successful they are now that they have their goals all laid out in front of them and blah blah blah blah blah.  Well, friends, some of us have goals, but we don’t know how to even put our goals laid out in front of us.  That USED to be me.  Not anymore.  Now my home office is COVERED with index cards/post it notes under a small banner that reads:

“I am so happy and grateful now that I…”

And since we are on this path to self-discovery/self-actualization/realization/organization/insert-your-ation-here, why not take a moment to put it all together and figure out what we are doing with our lives.  I’ve been really into the whole journey of self-help books, podcasts, blogs, etc.  And when it comes to goal setting, most all outlets have the same message.  Goals are to be broken down into smaller action steps so they are more attainable.  And all those who are “successful” (even though everyone’s personal definition of successful is different), have that goal in mind.

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I guess it holds true.  If you have a goal in mind, and it’s in the forefront of where you are headed and where you want to be, naturally, that goal will be the driving factor into your personal success.   If you don’t write it down, plans (more than likely) will not become a reality.  You can plan all you want, but if you don’t write the goal down, put it out there for the Universe to help you manifest, then…well…good luck trying to be (insert your definition here) successful.  Seriously, goals and dreams are important.  They are what fuels our fire, what drives us to become better versions of ourselves.

Of course!  It’s like putting the carrot before the horse.  (which I never officially understood the analogy until this picture…)

You can see the horse wants that carrot oh. so. bad. so why not do whatever it takes to get that carrot?  I mean, if the goal is on an index card/post it note/poster always in front of you, and you see it ALL THE TIME, why wouldn’t you drive yourself towards that goal? Why not do what you can to stick your neck out and reach for that carrot?  We must at least try to get that carrot.  How else will we learn?

Have a goal? Or a dream?

Just go.  

Follow that gut feeling.

Do it.

May sound scary, but I’ll tell you.  Had I not taken that gut feeling to heart, I would not be in this position today.  I would not be able to tell you that if you don’t do it, you’re missing out.  Take the advice of someone who has already experienced it.  Just go for that dream you have.  Do what ever it takes to get to your final destination.  Quit your job, stay up late, bother your family and friends for favors, ask, ask, ask.  Read anything and everything.  Don’t be afraid to talk to people.  And you know what, most of the fun is in the journey anyway!

Go forth and conquer.

You are awesome.



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