Today’s Piece of Clareity comes from notes taken during reading,  Tribalry, by Jared Stewart and Sarah Waugh…

Part of this learning process called “life” is to learn that deep down, you have a passion for something that you should pursue.  For me, it only took 27 years to figure out what I was truly passionate about (and thousands of dollars later..), and once I found “it” I took that drive and went full speed ahead.  By now, you can only guess what I’m talking about.  Yet, as this journey continues, I’m now becoming a “leader” so to speak.  And I need to refuel.  I need that spark, that fire, that power to give light to my tribe.

Yes, I have a tribe.  But here’s the fun fact of the day.  If you have a tribe, you have to remember that you aren’t the only one who is working hard to succeed.  Everyone is working together to move the tribe forward.  And just when you think you have given your all, you haven’t!  There’s always more to put in.  As a leader, we need to be constantly growing (books, podcasts, webinars, conferences, personal development) to benefit the tribe. We have to choose our own path, and will we go solo, or will we become a tribe of leaders?

“I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion”  -Rachel Platten

The point of relauching the blog was not just to blab on about musings from my everyday.  I would rather pass on a piece of clareity to everyone as often as I can.  Why not build our personal tribes into something great?  I have grand plans, and I want propel others forward.  I am deciding that I am going to put my efforts and energies in developing my tribes (since we are part of many!)  and decide that this passion project tribe is what I want, and I’m going to just go for it!  Will you want to join me?

Today I’m focused on creating an empire by the tribe around me.  Without the tribe around me, my current story and situation would not be where it is today.  We need each other to help create our own stories. Why not take hold of your relationships and pay attention to how each individual can shape your leading.  We cannot do this on our own.  Avoid relationship arrogance, and start taking control.  Take extra time to build all your relationships, not just the ones you benefit from.  You’ll be surprised.  Every person has a hidden influence that we cannot immediately see.  

Go forth and set the world on fire.

Does this make sense?  I know we are told to do this a million different times and by many medias (heck, take a second, and look up and away from your screen!!) but something about this time makes sense.  You cannot successfully move your passion projects forward without taking stock of what’s right in front of you.  Take a moment to go call or FaceTime someone and take 5 minutes.  Work on that relationship.  Work to build your tribe together.  Take a moment and thank someone.  Build that tribe.  And together we can move forward on the path to success.

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