The Clareity lifestyle is more than just jams, bullet journaling, meal planning and life lessons.  The Clareity lifestyle is huge into reading, everything and anything.  And there are weekends that I can read an entire book.   Or at least get most of the way through.  Here’s this weekend’s book review…


Seriously, you can read this book in a weekend, once you get used to the dialect writing.  Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston had been on my reading list for ages.  I finally was given a paperback copy, and brought the book with me on vacation.  I’d been struggling to get used to the language and the dialects (struggled with Uncle Tom’s Cabin)  and trying to figure out what they were trying to say for about 25 pages.  But, come chapter 3, everything started making sense and the book started to flow.  Trust me, you will understand.

Janie and Tea Cake aren’t your average couple.  They are blinded by love for each other (maybe),  and yet these two stick together through anything.  I was taken by the prose Hurston puts into her novel, and the true love that Janie has for Tea Cake.  I felt Janie’s pain, passion, her overall happiness (and sometimes disappointment) with the way her life has taken her.  I couldn’t help but feel emotions when they picked up and left the rural outlying lands of Orlando to go down to the Everglades because “that’s where the money is.”  Emotionally involving, and overall satisfying.

The way Tea Cake somewhat seems to be a sneaky, sly, just downright sleazy kind of guy is put to rest when Janie sticks with him and takes care of him all the way to the literal end.  (Spoiler if you are a critical thinker like me!) I was not fond of Tea Cake, yet when their home is the midst of a hurricane and he takes care of Janie, all the feels come rushing forward.  The book reads like you are watching a movie, the personal emotional investment doesn’t stop, it goes on.  (I get too involved in books).  


A while back on Instagram, I sought out all your suggestions.  I’ve compiled a reading list for myself, and have set out to read all suggestions.  Please email me!  I will write a review/”why you should add this to your list” post per book.  Sounds crazy ambitious, of course!

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