Cooking was never my thing.  Even the Mr. will tell you, one of my weaknesses is in the kitchen.  I am awfully self-conscious of my cooking skills, and had we not gotten tired/bored of living in a college residence halls during our first few years of marriage, we’d still be eating in dining halls.  But, as discussed a while ago, I’ve fallen in love with Blue Apron.  They saved my marriage, my pregnancy (and post for that matter) and my diet.  Not to mention, they even taught me a thing or two about this whole cooking thing.  Thank goodness.  FullSizeRender (3)On Instagram, you see I’m always posting that night’s success story.  Often times, you see I’m commenting that I need a cooking show.  Or that the Mr. cooked the meal, is working on his plating skills, but then- he too admits we together, should have our own show.  (Friends/family agree, our bickering back and forth is quite comical, and we may get on each others nerves in the kitchen, at least the food and love is always abundant.)  Although I am not original enough to mess around with recipes, I can follow directions perfectly. That’s how meals are made!  FullSizeRender (11).jpgThe week the baby was born, we were a little too preoccupied in the hospital to realize that we missed the deadline to skip the next week of Blue Apron.  In the end, NOT skipping was a relief.  We didn’t prepare enough freezer meals to get us through that first week…Coming home Monday night to a frozen baked ziti courtesy of my mom, I began to panic for the rest of the week’s dinner.  Thankfully, the BA box came on Tuesday.  Planning it out, (and STARVING constantly), we ended up saving the best meal of the week for last…signup-intro-bg-priceless-1108772c5309dfa35c838893f1eafc27Spring Chicken Fettucine with Sauteed Asparagus and Rosemary.  (and throw some Kale in there…they seem to LOVE kale this season.  Almost every week a bunch of kale comes.  We are getting tired of kale- our morning smoothies, sometimes part of a lunch salad, and with blue apron- is it possible to OD on kale?)  I will say, I kicked myself afterwards.  WHY DIDN’T I EVER THINK OF DOING THIS MEAL ON MY OWN?!  I typically have all the ingredients (minus the creme fraiche), and never put this together. This was super easy…minus the chopping/slicing/mincing/dicing/prep.FullSizeRender (3)My Mom and I take turns cooking.  We text to give some insider “tips/tricks” on how to make the meal easier and a little more tastier (depending on our final product).  Let’s mimic the text conversation I had with my mother (who was cooking the meal the next night…).

I cooked the pasta Mom said “Snap pics of the directions.”  (She had the card at her house…I don’t know why I needed to snap directions…)  Instead, I sent pictures. Her response?  “That looks manageable.  I think we can make this work.”  Yes, mom.  Yes.

And it was that easy.  As smart as you are, dear friend, you too can recreate this meal.  If you are an adventurous, creative “I can do without the recipe card” type person, then this meal is easy.  If not, well, if I can do this on another night-sans directions- so can you.  Trust me.  All you need are the skills that Blue Apron teaches you, not necessarily the measured out ingredients.  Once you master the skillz, you master the art of cooking.  (If you consider cooking an art form…)  Now, go forth and conquer your kitchen- be deliciously surprised.

Disclaimer:  Blue Apron did not sponsor or collaborate on this post.  I am simply documenting the cooking process, as one day I would like to create a collection of “tips/tricks I’ve learned from Blue Apron”.

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Enjoy today.

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