Disclaimer:  this is a longer (over 500 words) Jamberry focused post.   I’m celebrating my three year anniversary this month, and this post is a reflection on my journey.   Feel free to read or dismiss.

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Three years ago I took a huge risk and made a small investment.  (Okay, so $99 isn’t TOO much of an investment, but at the time I panicked).  I never  tried the product, I never even heard of the product before.  I just saw one of my good friends wearing them and said “This is the answer to my Sunday night manicure routines!”  Still clueless.  And next thing I know, I was punching in my credit card numbers into my “workstation” and bam.  A week later, some big heavy box full of goodies came, and thus began my unexpected journey.  


What I did NOT expect was to be overwhelmed with materials that I was clueless on how to use…

Now, the smart thing to have done was to shout it from the rooftops on social media, on my #failedfashionblog, and tell everyone I met in person that I am a Jamberry Consultant.  But I chickened out.  I definitely hid the fact that I started a side hustle, and became super introverted because “who would want to buy nail stickers from me?”  So I hung back, asking my parents, husband, close family/friends to check out what I was doing.  No bites.  Nothing.  I was my own sales for the first three months.  I was downright upset.  I cried, alot.

Then I got the courage to say “Okay, make your money back and walk away.”  I wasn’t in this for a career (at the time), I was in this for the personal discount and to always have chip free manicures.  Then I went for it.  I posted on my facebook page asking if anyone wanted to check out this “chip free manicure thing” I was doing, and if they wanted to host a party.  In retrospect, I was naive.  I was just “using” everyone for their connections.  To those who hosted parties with me back when I started?  I apologize.

But one party led me to another, to another, to another.  I started getting repeat customers. The year of 2015 was shaping up to be something exciting.  In June 2015, the Mr. and I packed up our lives and moved from DC to NYC, and I panicked.  I was jobless, and had nothing to “show” for all the “work” I had been doing.  So I hunkered down and started job searching, while focusing on my “side hustle.”  I read books, listened to podcasts, stalked Pinterest, you name it.  This also was the time the #failedfashionblog was on its rapid decline…

This was on its way out. Thank goodness too, my closet was beginning to hate me…

Late August 2015, we discovered a little human was going to make his debut in April.  Still jobless, and with a baby on the way, I dove even deeper into my “side hustle.”  I was still shy on social media about my “side hustle” since  “no one really cares about their nails.”  So I focused my efforts and energies on my current customers and their upcoming parties.  I worked my customer base so much, taking such good care of them, that they WANTED to keep having parties, they WANTED to bring their friends in.  Things were beginning to shape up.

So I worked harder.  Smarter.  I started really paying attention to the “successful Jamberry people.”  What were they doing?  What sorts of things were working for them?  Could they teach me anything?  Anything I could learn, I took and adapted for myself.  I hate copying/pasting, because my personality never comes through.  I just wanted to claim ownership of my own ideas and my own business.  I was becoming a little more aggressive in my approach.  I felt the excitement of success in the future.  I wanted more out of this little business.  I was becoming proud of my “side hustle.”

piece of clareity and jamberry =

You would be proud of your side hustle too when you’ve perfected the art of a mixed manicure and a “nailfie.”

As 2016 turned the corner, I started a new day job, and was miserable.  Every day was a struggle, the environment was toxic, I wanted out.  So I focused on Jamberry more and more.  I cultivated my business.  I found my “branding,”  my “strategy,” my stride.  I figured out what worked for me, my customers, my style.  Becoming more and more fearless everyday, I slowly started to post on social media.  People weren’t really noticing, but that’s okay.  I was doing all this for me.  I was proud of myself.  April, little human was born.

Those three months of maternity leave were a blur.  Yes, I was on baby duty 24/7, but I was also working Jamberry as much as possible.  At the time, that was my only paycheck for my little bit of “personal spending money” and I wanted to treat myself to a monthly massage.  So I did the math, and knew how much I needed to “sell” in order to maintain a “massage a month.”  But I knew I needed help.  So in June, after working with her for a year, I found my first teammate.  And we both worked HARD.

Motivational Monday: Piece of Clareity

I went back to my day job late July.  The next 9 months were so toxic, I was determined to use Jamberry as my way “out.”  I spent HOURS learning, experimenting, brainstorming, playing, reading. Researching.  I knew THIS was going to be my “meal ticket” but I had to put in the work, and start reaching out for help.  I slowly started building relationships with my family/friends again, letting them know, yes, I still “sell the nails”  Black Friday weekend 2016 got me a huge promotion and over $2500 in sales, my family really began to notice my work.

Of course, I found my stride.  I gained some new team members, some who’ve come and gone, others who have stuck around.  And by the end of January 2017, I was determined.  The end was near.  I had booked a plane ticket and hotel, I was going to Salt Lake City for JamCon2017.  I had my goal in mind.  So I WORKED.  I worked my team, I worked myself.  I always had strong communication with my team leader.  I wanted nothing more than to be home with Little Human.  Work wasn’t always easy, I actually enjoyed what I was doing!

One of my personal favorites, and a best seller #ofalltime

May 5th, 2017.  I left my day job.  And the feeling was overwhelming.  I was relieved.  I was excited, but then I panicked again.  I began to feel overwhelmed with “Okay, so JamCon is in a month, what do I have to show for it?”  May sales were “eh” not my best, but I was not going to let that stop me.  I didn’t really “work” in May, transitioning from day job to a stay at home mom was a huge shift for me.  But JamCon was in my sights.  I wanted to enjoy every moment.  I couldn’t stop myself.

June, and JamCon.  The flight to Orlando (layover) was terrifying.  I was so worked up.  My June sales had been so low, I was worried if I’d even hit the minimum number I set for myself!  But in Orlando, I met my “battle buddy” who had been my brainstormer, my bff, my Jam sister for the past 6 months (we talk all day every day!).  All the fears disappeared.  Now together, we were going to accomplish something huge.  We were going to take JamCon by storm.  Conference changed my thinking for the better.  I even caught myself excited crying alot.


Those feelings of excitement faded really fast.  I fell in a rut for the month of August, panicked again.  I wanted to make this work even more, but my efforts were failing me.  I couldn’t find anyone to want to try Jamberry, or even consider joining my team.   But, here I am, on my three year anniversary with a “side hustle” with so much to show.  I am a totally different person than three years ago.  I’m more fearless, positive,  fresh, daring.  I’m in the now, not the past.  I’m not afraid to proclaim, “Yes, I still sell nail stickers!”



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