The other day I talked about writing and the creative boost that the video Jamberry provided to push me to just write even more. I got such a positive response from the post and an uplifting email (Thanks, CW!) that I learned blogging is not just about getting the following and building an empire. (That was the “goal” in my failed fashion blogging attempts) Blogging is a personal yet open journey. I had been reminded why “Clareity” started and how “Clareity” is intended to function.  “It’s like a public service announcement diary.” (To quote a blogger/creative entrepreneur/yogi friend of mine)

One of the concepts of Clareity I’ve struggled with most of my career and life is time management. I am one of the millions of people who procrastinate so much it increases anxiety, and one of those people who often get that “shiny object syndrome.” (When you get distracted and start doing other things…like while I’m writing, I’m people watching in the Lisbon airport.) Let me tell you, I’ve read books, I’ve tried everything. I plan, I bullet journal, I make to-do lists, I am obsessed with my 2017 “year of Erin Condren.”  Shiny object syndrome and procrastination set in.

A while back, I mentioned I listen to “Boss Girl Creative” podcast. Taylor consistently produces such inspiring content- I have to keep listening. Her podcasts mostly focus on the ins and outs of blogging, but a lot of times she throws out a nugget or two of wisdom to help creative entrepreneurs (like me) to narrow their focus and successfully complete yet another money-making day without going crazy. In preparation for my flight, I lined my podcasts up, Washi-taped pages in my bullet journal (for notes), and made sure to bring 3 sharpie pens and I’d be ready to go.

For a half hour episode, I managed a full page of notes! But does that even mean anything? I can write and take all the notes I want, but what does it mean if I don’t put theory into practice?!

Piece of Clareity:Time Management podcast notes