I have been struggling to come up with content for the blog.  I hit a low the other day when I openly admitted to myself, “The stats don’t lie.  Only 1-6 people are reading this.  Why are you wasting your time?”  And then I said to myself “Well, no one really knows you are doing this, and you don’t really actively post on social media and what not…” So there was that conversation.  But that got me off track and away from the original conversation of “Writers block.  You’re stuck.  What are you going to write about next? What content matters?”

Not that I’ve been struggling with writing.  Writing is actually easy.  My issue is the coming up with the motivation, will, and the creation of the thoughts behind the writing.  For example, I have a ton of blank drafts in the upcoming archives.  The title is there (or an idea of a title) but there’s no content in the body of the post draft.  Just logging into my WordPress “back office” and seeing all the blank posts is KILLING ME…I am so frustrated with myself that I have all these “posts” but nothing written or scheduled.  I think need motivation.

We all know by now, I’m forever changed by Jamberry.  So when I was down and out with myself about the overwhelming posts in my “back office” and lack of motivation, it’s almost like Jamberry knew.  They posted this video on the Consultant Dashboard.  I clicked the link, took me to Youtube, then went to listenonrepeat.com and pasted the link.  I listened to this for hours.  Even if it was a 3 minute video. Didn’t care- I needed the motivation to continue with my writing process.  Watch and you’ll see what I mean…watch a few times if you need. Go ahead…

See what I mean?! Do you feel inspired?  Or do you feel compelled to sit down and write for hours on end?  (Funny story.  This blog post took me about 4 full days to write to get to the level of “okay, it’s sufficient enough to post”). Or do you feel the need to go out and buy a Moleskine journal and start keeping track of things like “writing through the challenges, writing through the successes?”  Or do you think this is a bunch of crockery? (It’s totally okay if you do.  I did at first.)  Challenge yourself.  See what happens.

So for the next week, take some time out of your everyday and write.  Write til your hand cramps, or your fingers become super cold (tell me I’m not the only one who that happens to!) Write until your mind drives you crazy.  Had I not started writing, I would not have the piece of clareity I do everyday.  I write so much and all over the place, that gratitude and challenges are second nature to me.  Now, I write with the intention of recording everything to practice a positive habit.  At the end of the day, just go write.


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