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Guilty Pleasure Television

Guilty Pleasure Television

Deep down, you know you have a guilty pleasure.  Think about that.  You don’t want to admit doing, yet you can’t NOT do.  Something you binge on when you think no one is looking.  Something that you are embarrassed to say out loud, and when you do, you learn that whoever you told, they too indulge in the same behaviors.

Blogging Process

All over the place.  And I’m not sorry.  But if I don’t write the way I think, how can we connect with each other?  How can you, the reader really understand what “Piece of Clareity” really is all about?

Time Out a Sec…

There are days, weeks, months where inspiration strikes and all is right in the world.  Then there are the times when I have hit a brick wall- no inspiration, no motivation, nothing to write.  And I think that’s okay, right? ...

Making it Foolproof

I have to take a step back and check what I've already done, and work on where to go from here. Does anyone else find thrill in taking stock of where you are and how far you've come? If we...
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