Sometimes you teach something to someone/people and the lesson always comes back in your life.  I’ve talked myself blue in the face about “fixed versus growth mindsets.”  So much so, I’ve become numb to the concept.  Then I felt like I was smacked with a frying pan upside the head.  I was in a fixed mindset!  I was stuck, in an endless rut. I made excuses, and didn’t think to practice what I was preaching.  Needed to fix this.  Then I read a book (of course) that just really opened my eyes again to stop with the fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset is simple.  You won’t allow yourself room to grow, to develop,to improve.  It is what it is, there’s nothing you can do about it.  THAT’s a fixed mindset.  And that mindset really got the best of me.  I was physically ill, beating myself up, comparing up, and really not taking life day by day. I kept forcing myself to sludge through the day, not allowing myself to be happy.  The fixed mindset got the best of me.  I was focusing on what was wrong, dreaming of what could be, but never really acting on the future.


Something had to change.  And very fast.  I started to work on my “growth mindset.”  And started to question my priorities, passions, and desires.  I wanted to be happy. I wanted to really keep my goals in my sights.  I wanted to pursue things that I was forced to put aside for a micromanaged work-life balance.  I let my negativity get to me so much that I lost the sparkle in my eye.  I started to scare myself with who I had become.  I had to shift the way I was thinking.  But how?  

This’ll be a series of posts…

Life is about the added value you bring to the table.  Take baby steps to get there…

Step one.  I had to really work hard on this.  Stop comparing up.   I shed the toxicity of my social media environment.  I did a Facebook clean, Instagram clean, got rid of Twitter (couldn’t keep up), scaled back my Pinterest browsing.  I started to focus on myself, not what others thought of myself, or keeping up with the success of not making a #pinterestfail.  Sure, I still have a strong Insta game, but I choose wisely of what to post and when.  I stopped spending hours upon hours of scrolling…and though there was a void, I felt better already.

I’ve been on this “stop comparing up” kick for about a month now. I can’t tell you how much I’ve already benefitted!  I’ve been able to reverse the negative talk and fixed mindset.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in my perspective, and have been more focused on personal development in all areas of life.  Within my personal business, my health, wellness and relationships.  I no longer feel the need to aim to please, instead I know that if I am happy and within a growth mindset, the people around me will be happy.  That’s what I want in this life.



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