We all have a dream we are chasing.  I’ll be the first to admit, I have a ton of dreams, but they are all interconnected to one main dream.  And let me tell you, taking each individual step to this dream is no easy task.  There’s a ton of self-discovery and lots of personal development that has brought me to this stage in the dream achievement.  Today we discuss how to balance your side-hustle/dreams while maintaining a calm yet collected self.  Why bother?  Because you owe it to yourself to achieve your dreams.  Make them reality. Go forth and conquer.

Yet no matter what, we all succumb to that overall sense of dread, anxiety, overwhelm due to the overburdening that we are putting ourselves through this.  Why did we choose this path for ourselves?  At what point can we stop ourselves from being overwhelmed, and go forth and conquer what we have in our sights?  Since when are we all in a race to achieve our goals faster than the person next to us?  (Something like weight loss can’t happen overnight, and most goals require a significant amount of WORK).  You set goals for a reason.  That reason is YOU.

One thing I’ve learned is to figure out who you are and what works for you.  I’ve experimented with EVERYTHING.  Planners, digital, analog, bullet journal (so far that’s working), and other various ways of keeping myself organized and my life “together.”  To pass along a word of wisdom, once you find something that works, DO NOT let that go.  Just because a new craze is coming along, does not mean that the methods will work for you.  I’ve fallen victim numerous times, and I always end up resorting back to using an organizational system that works in my unique favor.

Grace.  (“She died 30 years ago!”- Christmas Vacation).  Manage yourself with grace.  What?  Since when are we beauty queens or the Duchess of Cambridge?  We aren’t, but the importance of carrying yourself goes a long long way.  Even the art of carrying yourself with dignity and being graceful can cover up that “hot mess” attitude you may be touting around town.  You may be going crazy and be juggling a bazillion tasks, but once you know what works for you and how to carry yourself with an air of elegance, those tasks all become magically organized.  (Trust and believe me…)

When you know what works, DO NOT let that go.  Remember, I talk about the #failedfashionblog all the time.  There was a time (and still today) I see something shiny and new and jump to the latest trend or “thing.”  And between you and me, I’ve wasted tons of time, effort, energy and even financial means trying all these things.  I’m not saying settle down and get stuck in your ways, but, take time for yourself to really learn yourself.  At the end of the day, you are the only one who knows you best.  You deserve only the best! Goget’em!