Cleaning.  Decluttering.  Tidying.  The magic of minimalism, being minimal.  Reducing the “stuff.”  Okay, so I’ve read the books, watched the documentaries and even put theory into practice.  But something tells me I just can’t part with my nail polish stash.  Ever since I started working at the age of 14, one of my first purchases on payday (besides a tank of gas during the summers of lifeguarding) was a bottle of nail polish.  And boy did I HOARD.  I had so much nail polish that there weren’t enough nails in a lifetime!  Thankfully, I went to college.  The hoarding slowed.

I missed the art of painting my nails…

Every once in awhile something comes along that changes things.  Like a huge gamechanging product that after a few uses, you ask yourself “What did I do without this?”  (What was life like BEFORE smartphones, before internet, before….)  And we all know by now, what I’m going to say.  If I tell you my nail polish hoarding stopped to swap in for a better product, you know my answer.  And if you don’t by now, go back and really read the last few posts of the relaunch. 😉  And just as that stash was building itself to excessive, enter something revolutionary!

I’m not going to ramble on with all the details.  Rather, I’ll leave you a simple Monday post to really kick off today with colour.  Let the details speak for themselves these beautiful promo pics.  Just watch and be intrigued.  And if you’re curious, check out the details here.


How fascinating, right?  Personally, I’ve missed the art of painting my nails.  But as a mom of a one-year-old, ain’t nobody got time for drying.  What a mess.  But here, 99 seconds later?  Sign me up.  Did I mention, that’s a 3-in-1 bottle?!  Base, color, top coat all in one!!  E-mail me for more info! 



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