I’ve always had my nose in a book.  Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved to read.  But as college turned me into an English major, that nose got closer and closer to the pages.  One afternoon my roommate came back from class, my nose was literally about a half inch away from the page.  I was bent over, hunchbacked, with my nose, LITERALLY in the book.  That’s when she said “Clare, you gotta get those eyes checked.”

…that was 8 years ago.  I got reading glasses.  And I’d carry them everywhere.  I was THAT person.

…fast forward 4 years later.  I was in a new territory.  Working full time, done with school, done with my masters.  No more books, now just computer and phone screens.  I looked pretty darn ridiculous with my eyeglassed face an inch and a half away from the computer screen at my desk.  That’s when my co-worker said “Clare, you gotta get those eyes checked.”

I was given contacts to see for regular non-reading/computer things.  Then glasses to wear in addition to the contacts, for when I wanted to work on the computer/read/watch TV.  This was becoming a little nuts.  But, about $500 later, I managed.  The combo wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I was always managing to have glasses case in my purse all the time Cause I wasn’t reading/computer-ing when I got home from work.  And by the time I was watching TV, I was asleep in 5 minutes anyway.

Plus side?  By wearing contacts, I was able to really explore the idea of wearing mascara and eyeshadow more often.  Too bad the contacts have forced me into near bankruptcy from buying all the eyeshadows in the world….literally, every single time I go to the drugstore…pop a few shadows into my cart….

…then the baby was born.  And my vision headaches came back.  Cause I wasn’t wearing my contacts, because at 1am when you’ve only slept 2 hours and you have to feed a small human, why waste precious time putting in your contacts when the kid is screaming his head off?  And my glasses were not helping…unless his forehead was a computer screen or my Kindle, what good were they?

The doc asked.  “You’ve been wearing these cheaters to see your newborn?!  You need regular seeing glasses instead.  When you don’t wear your contacts, you need regular glasses.  When you wear your contacts, you need your “cheaters” to work.”  Follow that again.  I need full time glasses.  On the days I wear contacts?  I need just the “cheaters.”  Now I own 2 sets of glasses and have a year’s worth of contacts… does anyone else follow this?! I don’t think I can successfully keep up.   Too many lenses, contact cases, glasses cases. cleaners, contact solutions, cases, instructions.  I need glasses to see my glasses!

Legit hard at work on the computer. Contacts and glasses for the win.

I blame getting old.  I blame Saturn’s Return.  But I guess this is part of growing up and getting old?  Someone else out there understand what I am going through?  I’m not complaining about getting glasses/contacts…but I guess I just never really put my “declining vision” in a category of “growing up.”  I thought vision loss was something that declines significantly is an old person thing.  Is 29 the new old?!

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