Summer’s here. The other day on Instagram, I sought out all your suggestions.  I’ve compiled a summer reading list for myself, and have set out to read all suggestions.  I will write a review/”why you should add this to your list” post per book.  Sounds crazy ambitious, of course!

Let’s start this summer “a book a weekend” series with a hilarious memoir book of essays.  Even though many have read this author, and probably already read this particular book, this collection was brand new to me.  I mean, it’s been on my list for ages… Naked 

Starting from his youth, ending this saga with his experience at a nudist colony and everything in between, Sedaris had me hysterically laughing out loud (and gotten a few side-eyes from people), and totally relating in some way-shape-or-form to his stories.  Even though the chapters were all shorter essays/stories, I looked beyond that “choppy” experience and read the book as a life story.  (For many readers, some people need stories, others need essays, some just don’t read at all- well this book is a must read for any reader!) His shorter stories make up a larger picture of life.

If you are looking for a quick read for this weekend, why not check this book out?  One thing I loved about Naked was how these stories are 100% relate-able.  Not every aspect of the story, however, you can relate to something in the essay.  Relating to a bully, or an emotion, or a death of a loved one, the understanding of who you are, the many teenage jobs you’ve worked, Sedaris has a story for that. No matter what essay, I had a smirk or a smile on my face, his prose reads like you’re sitting at his lectures!

So this weekend, take a few hours (or few minutes for one essay at a time), and sit back Sedaris on his first (of many which are on my list) book of essays.  You’ll definitely appreciate how even in today’s world there’s always some sort of humor in the everyday.


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