Growing up and going out of your comfort zone isn’t always easy.  But here’s the thing, life goes in phases.  You’re a kid and everything is carefree.  Then you learn that everything comes with some sort of cost attachment (financial, emotional, physical)  and then you have to re-learn that you should live life in a carefree manner again. So with this life cycle, what do we believe anymore?! Then there are a few times, we are so challenged, that it kind of gets really unnerving.  How can we handle what’s happening currently when we are forced to constantly push ourselves?

Here’s how it all went down.  I was challenged go beyond my super introverted self to branch out and go SOLO to a “Mom’s Night Out” not knowing a single person.  Now, if you know me, I may appear extroverted, but oh my goodness- the anxiety, the nervewrecking noise in my head, the uncomfortable awkward conversations- too much for me to really handle.  But I had a boost of confidence the other night that pushed me to force myself to go beyond the limits. I was coached to slap on a set of wraps and just talk. Just talk? Yikes!
Piece of Clareity JamberryI got inspiration from this duo.  I wanted to have noticeable nails without being too overly done.  I didn’t want to “ask for attention” I simply wanted to have a great combination to serve as a conversation starter.  For me, something as simple as “Hey, that necklace is amazing” or “OMG, your nails are awesome, how did you do that” can be a great icebreaker for me to open up and go ahead and feel comfortable to talk to a stranger.  (There’s something about strangers that make me nervous- I don’t have any cool stories, I’m boring as heck! ha!)

So I posted the below image on my facebook page, and my VIP group.  I asked for help.  I am uncoordinated and clueless on color pairings that I needed someone that wasn’t the Mr. to help me figure out what I was doing. I’m trying to go beyond the comfort zone and wear colors that I don’t normally wear, but I’m also trying the concept of keeping the same color just in different shades.  But even with shading, I’m totally lost.  So again, I had to ask for help. And I know the pictures don’t do the colors justice.  Piece of Clareity JamberryDetermined, I really wanted to use the dark purple “Stargazing” and the “Plum and White Polka” with the intention of it being awesome.  But that “Fizzy Grape” and the “Ombre Lotus” were also awesome contenders.  But then I really wanted to wear “Fizzy Grape” with the “Plum and White Polka.”  It was a nightmare.  I was torn, and knew that I was wearing a black dress to work (which I wore to the “MNO”) the next day (and probably all black the day after that too…) so when asked “What outfit are you wearing” – I knew it was a nonissue.

The consensus was a tie.  So I took the more popular sparkle, and the more popular pattern.  And here’s how it went down.  My hesitation was there for sure, but I said to myself “Self, you’re always telling people to go beyond their comfort zones and stuff.  Why are you not practicing what you preach?”  And self agreed,  Self was right.  Just dive right in and go for it.  Deep down, something didn’t look right, but I thought it was just my eyes playing a cruel joke on me since I didn’t have contacts or my glasses on…cruel joke, Clare.Piece of Clareity JamberrySo I started the process and didn’t think anything of it.  I was more focused on perfect application than anything else.  I wanted these strangers to notice that the application is flawless, thus producing great results.  I slaved away with the mini heater and all the tools, hunched over, squinting/focusing to make sure everything was perfect.  I wanted to show the strangers.  But…I just knew something wasn’t right.  I sent this pic (below) to my friend J, looking for feedback.  She even commented “Something doesn’t look right, the two purples don’t match.  That’ll drive you crazy.”  She knows me too well.
Piece of Clareity Jamberry

Piece of Clareity JamberryThere was a glimmer of hope that I thought it could work.  So I kept going.  Then I had to stop and take a picture to send to my girl J.  She nixed the idea from the start.  I was disappointed.  What to do?!  Start over?  Thanks but- No thanks…Piece of Clareity JamberrySo I figured this would work a little better.  What was the harm in trying?  I only messed up one nail from the polka dots, and since they are super easy to remove and reapply, I figured “Why Not?” The worst that can happen is I waste 3 wraps.  Oh well.

I am content with the way things ended up.  I think if I’ve effectively learned anything about color pairings, is that you cannot go wrong with sticking in the same color family.  But I’m still a little uneasy about the dark contrasting with the super light.  Even if I am uncomfortable with the way this looks, I can say that the combo was noticed from across the dinner table.  The strangers I met up with noticed.  They knew right away.  And you know what, the nerves around the combo and my social insecurities all seemed to fade away.  Perfect combination.


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