On re-launch day, I mentioned “Let’s build this tribe together.”  Now, to clarify- I’m not asking for all of us to be friends, nor am I asking for friends.  I used “tribe” in a different sense.  I would rather use “tribe” instead of “circle.”  I think circles can be somewhat exclusive, whereas a tribe can be a group of people who lift you up and move you forward. We are actually part of many “tribes.”  Take the time to really think of all your “Tribes” you are in.  (Work, home, family, friends, blog, social media, etc.)  Does this make sense?

Recently, I’ve been reading books on personal development and striving to go for gold and reach higher.  And when the opportunity arises, of course I am going to share with you “pieces of clareity.”  Because after all, I’m not going to rewrite the book, or give you spoilers, I’m sharing!  One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned lately has been that it’s okay to prospect the idea of failure, but do not let these thoughts overtake your mindset.  Deep stuff, eh?  Well I’ve had to provoke my mind to really propel my future!! Let’s really take this a step further…

What was stopping me from igniting that match?

One of the main reasons for the relaunch was simple.  I wanted to “turn off social media” and focus my time and my whole self in the moments and people in front of me.  Sounds contradictory, I know, but follow me on this one.  There are opportunities for all of us out there, everywhere we turn, but we fail to “see” them.   We fail to commit ourselves to what we really have a passion for, letting ourselves and those around us down.  That idea of failure stopped me from taking advantage of opportunities, and now I’m rebuilding all over again.

I let fear get in the way of my passion…

I had to step away from a toxic work environment due to the “provoking stuff” I’d been digesting.  I realized that my passions were elsewhere and clearly, the work I was doing at my 9 to 5 just wasn’t fulfilling anymore.  At one point yes, I LOVED what I was doing and my career, but part of being an adult is growing up.  I grew up and realized that I didn’t want to commit to the work I was doing at my desk, and I didn’t want to give myself the opportunity to succeed.  My “passion project” tribe was waiting.

Here we are.   If I’ve learned anything of substance these last 8 months, I’ve learned that we all CAN and will succeed when prospect the idea of failure.  The fear of following my passions, and writing this blog will have to be faced.  Once I face my fears and to prospect the idea of failure, self-confidence will help outthink the fears and the opportunities will be endless.  With all this knowledge, overwhelming feelings arise, but by facing this fear, we can do this together.  We can be successful.  How will you prospect the idea of failure in order to succeed?!


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