Welcome to the first Jamicure Monday.  New to the blog?  Cool! Me too!

Welcome to the first installment of a spin on Manicure Monday.  Missed the introduction to MM?  Read about my #becauseofjamberry post here.  On to the good stuff…

Pickles and paisley.  Eww.  What a gross combo, right?  Let’s clareity it now- no, I did not crave pickles and ice cream when pregnant.  (I actually just craved water, potato chips and french onion dip…) I’m doing a play on words here.  If we are too serious all the time, clearly we need to lighten up.  After all, why not brag about wearing pickles on your fingers?  Vinegar does wonders…cleaning, cooking, scrubbing… why not joke that by using so much vinegar, my fingers have become pickled!!

With my obsession (well dying obsession…) with Vera Bradley, for a long while, everything I owned was paisley.  Paisley notebooks, bookbags, pencil cases, totes, weekend getaway bags…everything.  I think I was possessed.  And I always thought Paisley looked like an ameoba…which, I nearly failed Bio in high school,yet somehow managed to maintain the image of an ameoba in my mind…

Then I started to fashion blog, and if it wasn’t Lily Pulitzer paisley, you weren’t a blogger.    (Gasp, there goes all the boatloads of Vera Bradley I had stored away in my closet…)  Goodness, how I got away with the “authority as a fashion blogger” I will never know.  So when I saw this wrap pattern on a #throwbackthursday, I had to.

Explaination needed?  Nah, you’re all smart enough to put it together…Piece of Clareity- Manicure- Pickled PaisleyThe design name is PICKLED PAISLEY!  Makes sense now?  Not really, I guess, but it’s awesome anyway.

Notice the bubbling and dried cuticles?? Yeah, that’s okay, considering I had just moved and was cleaning with vinegar and baking soda… cue the volcano science experiments. Oh and that scar on my ring finger? Refer back to a Blue Apron incident…

Seriously.  Deep down, I still somewhat long to be a fashion blogger.  HA!  It was too much work to keep up.  I’m sure one of these days I’ll look back on that “semi-failed” experience and go into the deep dark world of what I learned and how the process changed me for the better…. unless you consider my current state of snarky-ness and sarcasm a “change for the better.”

I guess I just reverted back to my roots on this manicure.  Too bad I was stupid and didn’t buy more of this design.  I guess one more manicure of this and I’m S-O-L.  (Surely, out of Luck… let’s keep it somewhat classy here…)  I think that means it’ll finally be time to move on from the days of yore and onto the future. After all, we can’t really look back, only forward.  What’s done is done, let’s create a better tomorrow…sans paisley… sad face


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