On a Tuesday (I think it was…) I read “Success Secrets of a Million Dollar Party Girl” by Lynn Bardowski.  I randomly stumbled upon Lynn via Jackie Ulmer (Podcast/Facebook fan), and between her videos, tips/insider secrets, I knew without even researching more, this woman is boss.  Like, she knows what she is talking about, is successful enough to be considered an expert, and totally gets “it”.  Her story is like everyone else- wanting to make it big in the networking marketing world all so she can stay at home with her kids.  Now, that’s where she had me – so she could stay at home.  Who doesn’t want to be their own boss?  #girlboss

I’m not a candle girl (fragrant dish soaps give me migraines), but the book goes beyond her personal journey from being a full time corporate sales woman/full time mommy with two girls, to a stay at home mom with a rockin’ business.  She goes into the ins and outs, the lessons she’s learned along the way, the ups/downs, forwards/backwards steps, mistakes, triumphs- EVERYTHING.  You want to keep reading her book just for her story!  
That’s my ideal situation…really…stay at home with a rockin’ blog/business/lifestyle.   Cause really, we all need a Piece of Clareity in our everyday! (Okay, so far so good…I’m loving life regardless, and this blog has taken off faster than I had ever imagined- thank you!).  At least, that’s what I’ve envisioning for myself/family.  The freedom from worry, stress, anxiety, working for “the man.”  (seriously, where do these phrases come from?!)  To have the ability to not worry about taking a vacation and PRAYING your time request is accepted?  sign this world traveler up!

After all, who doesn’t fantasize about striking it big by working from home? (or just watching netflix all day?)  Granted, we all know I love my job (after all, we wouldn’t have that “9 to 5” series without it!!) BUT I’d rather work from home for myself, than be dragging myself out of bed every morning to go to a job that doesn’t let me wear yoga pants, flip flops and a tee shirt with spit up and/or drool all over it…I can wake up with the baby, work during nap time, work from my phone, iPad (even though I don’t own an iPad), anywhere.  If there’s wifi poolside at a resort in the Caribbean, I want to work there!lynn-signature-lineI’m not an expert on direct sales and/or network marketing.  I struggle even trying to talk to my own mother about what Jamberry and Younique has done, and where I’m heading with the business!  (I tell mom EVERYTHING!)  I watch videos and read her book for pure inspiration.  If this woman can get out there and strut her stuff– then heck yes, we can all follow suit.  I sought out her drive, what fueled her fire, how she kept going through hard times, and where she wants to go for the future.  That’s inspiration- that’s the reason I read this book (over and over again).51qj1an2b6nl-_sx326_bo1204203200_If you are interested in building your brand, your network, your business (even your blogging brand/name/presence), her small tips and tricks she’s learned- totally worth picking up the book and checking her out.  Her honesty, her story and the way she writes?  Felt as though she was having a cup of coffee with me, telling me that everything was going to work out in my favor, and that at the end of the day, we all have the life we want inside of us.  You just have to believe in yourself, be willing to sweat (metaphorically speaking) and yes, everything will all work out.dont-live-a-planned-life-lynn-bardowski

Need some encouragement on “YES YES YOU CAN BE AWESOME AT NETWORKING!” advice/confidence boost?  Then look no further.

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