The dictionary defines overwhelm as: to overcome completely in mind or feeling, to overpower or overcome, especially with superior forces; destroy; crush.  Was that too much?  Do you feel overwhelmed? Of course.  Your heart is racing, your mind is faster than your heart, you can’t manage to think straight.  You are not necessarily panicking, but you are on the verge of a panic attack. The words escape you, your muscles tense up, breathing becomes rapid, air seems to be impossible to grasp, there may even be a slight dizzy feeling in your head.  The word you’re looking for?  You’re Overwhelmed.

Take a step back.  And find some headspace.  What is the root of the overwhelm?  When it comes to blogging, I’m constantly battling overwhelm.  I get overtaken by this crushing force of “why am I doing this? What’s the point?”  And I lose interest.  But everywhere you go, people you talk to, the key phrase is don’t lose sight of who you are and your “why.”  (More about my “Why” later). I had to leave fashion blogging because I fell victim to “impostor syndrome.”  That wasn’t good, I was no longer “Understated Classics” I was trying to become someone else.

The word I was always looking for?  #overwhelmed

Today we recognize that we are human.  We have lives outside of the social media world we live in.  Things are messy, complicated, and there’s not always a filter on your everday.  You have to deal with the mess.  Leave things up to chance.  Recognize that “human-ness” we all have.  People relate to people, not a filter or a picture.  And that’s the one lesson the failed blog really taught me.  You need to embrace being you.  Show everyone how you had all these plans, but life got in the way and things fell apart.  People understand how that goes.

One thing I’ve seen since Piece of Clareity’s launch in August is how I have ebbs and flows of creative boosts and energies.  I guess I am learning that I have to make sure that I don’t let the clareity (passion) take the back seat to this process.  I started this blog with intentions of “making it big enough to quit my day job.”  And my inconsistencies have gotten the best of me.  I’m still at my day job.  And there are times where the day job kills the passion for the blog but…Clare, don’t let the clareity escape.

We are at a disservice to ourselves and each other if we let the passion slowly suffer.  I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking all of us.  We have a passion, a fire inside of us that keeps us going everyday.  We cannot let that “keeps us going” motivating reason leave us.  You know yourself best.  You know what works and what doesn’t for you, stay true to yourself and the journey.  The creative bursts and energies will be there when you least expect them.  The content (either blog or business) can and will produce itself.  Overwhelm the Overwhelming.

Be consistent with how you operate.  Know what works best for you.  What people, places, things, songs, books, etc., inspire some creative energy for you? (Me?  Some Celine Dion, a grande blackeye Pikes with extra room for cream, and an hour alone)  Be consistent with these things – they will help you crank out amazing work and material that you will even inspire yourself with!   Creativity happens when you least expect it, but be sure to act upon it whenever you can.  Consistency will help you produce, and just be persistent- don’t let anything get in the way of your processes.