A few years ago, there was a half day stop on a cruise in the lovely city, I never really got the chance to explore Spain’s Catalonia capital– Barcelona.  I immediately fell in love.  The water was a cerulean blue, there was old world meets new world charm, people from all over the world, art on the streets, and just so much to soak in and enjoy.  But being restricted to only a half of an afternoon, I felt as though our time was cut way too short, and I always wanted to go back.  Time, and life just never seemed to align.

I find Spain to be intriguing.  The food, the wine, the culture, the art-everything.  After all, the Romantic Language has been part of my education since the 5th grade (probably earlier if I really paid attention), and since I’ve become a little bit more educated in the food and wine industries (okay, I’m a wanna-be wino and foodie), Spain, Barcelona specifically, has become a top contender on my “list of places to visit one day.”  Since my new motto is “When opportunity knocks, answer and take advantage,” the Mr. and I knew that this was something we just had to do.

Things to Do in Barcelona

Opportunity: the Mr. was invited to attend a conference, and knew that I’ve always wanted to go.  So I’m going for a few days prior to the conference to explore and do.  Now, I was “charged with” finding a day or two to tour the city, and/or find a winery/vineyard nearby to tour and explore.  There’s just so much to do and such little time to “see everything” (I’ve got my heart set on the Olympic Park!), which is why I’m asking for help.

Things to Do in Barcelona

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Or know of any food items that are specific to Spain that I should explore/try?  Is there a fashion component to the city?  Do you know of anything/where/sights/”must do” items to accomplish in 3 days or less?  Or are there things that “the books or travel guides” don’t tell you, that you, personally would recommend?  Wine bars?  Tapas?! (I pray this is the trip that changes the Mr.’s opinion on the concept of tapas.)

Things to Do in Barcelona

There’s an overwhelming amount of things to do in such a short time span.  More than likely, I KNOW we will have to re-add Barcelona back on our “List of Places to Visit One Day.”  When we had a stop over a few years ago, I fell in love with the city on the water, the breath-taking views, the port of call, the people, the speed, the culture, the environment.  I’ve been quietly reliving those memories for quite some time.  My visualization and “putting it out there in the universe” has finally come to reality.

Now the question is:

What should we do once we get there?!

Leave your suggestions in the comments
Things to Do in Barcelona

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