Missed the last “Nine to Five?”  Don’t worry, got you covered over here...

When asked, no one really has any concept of what my day job is.  I explain it like this.  “I help students figure out what classes they need to take in order to graduate “on time”…”  (“On time” is in air quotes since the traditional 4 year college track has now become 5-6 years…)  At least that’s what I am supposed to be doing.

The frozen expression on my face when I experience these stories…

And since I regret NOT keeping a journal of instances, conversations, wacked out situations, and the like, I might as well start now.  No time like the present, right?  Might as well, considering one day I’ll publish a book and become super rich and famous just for living life and doing my job to the best of my abilities…

…keep in mind, for confidentiality and privacy sake, I’m going vague here, but you’re smart readers, you’ll get the idea…

Here we go!

Phone and Email Convo between Clare and Student

C:  “Unfortunately, you are not a ___ major so you are unable to take that class.  Please remember that that specific class is limited to those who are ___ majors, and since you are ___ major, you cannot take that specific class.  Please go ahead and research other classes that you would be interested in taking.  Keep in mind that red asterisk means there is a restriction, view the restriction and continue searching.”

S: “I need to be in enough credits for full time status.  I need ___ class.”

C:  “Unforunately there is nothing I can do at this moment about that.  I have done as much as I can on my personal behalf to get you into some classes, now it is in the hands of the professors whom I have CC-ed you on an e-mail with.  Please go back and re-read that email.”

S: “Well can you sign me up for ___ class.”

C: “Again, that goes beyond my ability to overenroll, at this point, I need the permission of instructor.  Hang tight, and please do some research on those upper level electives.”

…you’d think this was an open and shut case…

– – – NEXT DAY – – –

S: “Hi it’s me again.”  (thanks for the introduction, “me”)

C:  “Oh hello!  How did you make out yesterday with the search?”

S:  “Can you add me to ___ class?”

C:  “Unfortunately that is restricted to those majors.  You are not that major.”

S: “Well I need to be full time.”

C:  “I understand that, but remember, I emailed the professors, now we have to wait.  I did put you on the waitlist for ___ class, and yes, it will read 0 credits on your schedule right now, but just hang tight, there’s a high probabilty you will be eligible for that class.”

S:  “Okay, well can you sign me up for ___ class?”

C:  “Again, I refer you to that email.  I cannot do anything right now.  We must wait for the professors to get back to us.”

S:  “Okay, I’ll keep searching.”

…but wait!  there’s more…

Honestly, I don’t have the patience for this.  How many times can I say something without it sinking in?  Seriously.  And then somehow magically I get blamed for this student being registered for the class they WERE NOT advised to take? Yep.

to be continued.


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