As a fellow blogger, I am curious when you struggle to gain motivation and topics to blog about, what pushes you through?   Where do you get your inspiration?  What keeps you going in the blogging world?  Who gives you reason to blog?  (If it’s an internal motivation, how do you do it?) Today I pay homage to the podcast that has revitalized my perspective and drive…boss-girl-creative-podcast-square-final-e1445406588726Throughout my pregnancy, I lost all motivation and drive to keep going with the blog.  I did a ton of re-evaluating and thinking about what I wanted to do with my piece of the internet.  Was it worth keeping up with the trends and following fashion blog after fashion blog, with no intention of really changing my closet (especially when all I was wearing the entire pregnancy were leggings and long tunics)?  Or do I just shut it down completely and forget this blog even existed?

Don’t ask me how I found it, but this podcast changed my perspective.  As I was nearing the end of the pregnancy, and approaching maternity leave, I thought to myself…what the heck was I going to do in my “spare time” when I’m home with the baby?  So I downloaded every episode Taylor had put out there, subscribed to the podcast, and started binging.  On my way to work, at work, on lunch, on the way home.  I was addicted.boss-girl-creative-podcast-square-final-e1445406588726I realized that she wasn’t talking about just fashion and beauty blogging.  Her interviews were with women who blogged about everything and anything.  She had small tidbits here and there about managing your blog stats, Instagram, Twitter, (which I’m not a fan…) Facebook, Pinterest (and other social media accounts).  The interviews showed that anyone can blog, it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there.

As I begin this journey of raising a small human, I figured, why not put myself back out onto the blog?  Take it easy, but transition back into a passion I used to have!  I used to love blogging, but now, the blog will be taking a shift.  And after listening to many an episode of the BossGirl Creative podcasts, and reading some great motivational books, I’ve come to learn, shifts are perfectly normal and natural.  And readers/followers will come and go, that’s okay, at the end of the day, keep being your own bossgirl creative and just blog with that same passion and drive you had when you first started.

Thank you, Taylor for your fantastic podcast.  I will continue to listen and improve my blogging strategies/techniques/motivations on a regular basis because of you and the podcast.  I appreciate everyone you’ve interviewed and all your material you keep cranking out.  Keep up the good work, you’re making a positive difference in the blogging atmosphere.  One small blog at a time 😉  (Here’s hoping for my “fangirl blogging moment” she always asks about!) boss-girl-creative-podcast-square-final-e1445406588726Between now and next time, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more life adventures, frills, fashion and food.  

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Enjoy today.

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