Fashion blogging was easy.  (well…) Accountability was there.  I had other fashionistas (and personal friends who followed) to hold me accountable for keeping up and posting.  I created a little tribe of fashionista friends, even students (at my previous job) who were fashionista wannabes (weren’t we all?) who knew and held me accountable.  Granted, the blog originated from the concept of “waking up and getting dressed not in yoga pants everyday.”  I should have posted on the failed fashion blog the days/weeks I’d wear only yoga pants….oh well.  Now, with Piece of Clareity, I have a better focus and passion for what I am doing here.  I’m using this blog and #year29  to restructure of my future career (#year29goals).  I need to hold myself accountable.

I’m determined for #year29 to be the best year ever.  And IT WILL HAPPEN.

The hubs?  Well, he’s holding me accountable for a myriad of other things.  Blogging can’t be a priority.  He supports the blog, an avid reader, and will share when he deems appropriate, but he doesn’t have the passion for/understands how the “behind the scenes” really does work.  And to explain the process is just more frustrating for me, because I’ve become so immersed in this blogging world that I’m in too deep and cannot effectively communicate all the BTS without getting caught up in the lingo and terms and losing my audience.

(Did you know that blogging is a lot more work than just writing?  It’s networking, social media-ing, coming up with content, researching, Pinterest-ing, and a zillion other factors that bring you to sitting down and writing?!  Can be exhausting at times, and there isn’t always a computer/wifi/your phone with you at all times when inspiration strikes!)

When I began contemplating the idea of Piece of Clareity, I didn’t know which way to go or how to head. I was binge watching “Parks and Recreation” one weekend when it hit me.  (Go watch the show for this to make sense…) April was 29 and frustrated with the way her life was heading. Donna suggested it was Saturn’s Return. I googled it and realized- “Oh my goodness! I’m not alone!” I ran the idea of the blog behind a writer friend of mine.  He thought I was on to something.  (He had experienced the same frustrations last year during his #year29)  So I invested a pretty Jamberry penny, and said “Let’s dive right in.”  and here we are today.


Accountability is not a one way street.  When I turned to my writer friend, he even said “Hey, you like to read what I write, why not hold me accountable, too?”   I agreed- not only because I like to read, but I believe that we are all here to help each other out.  I also believe that if we didn’t help each other, our writing outlets (me for the blog, he with his book) we would write here and there and never have anything come of it.  We can write all we want, for ourselves, but if there’s no “end goal” then why bother?  If we are accountable to each other, at least we have drive to get our writing done.

Even if we have a zillion excuses, at least someone out there is holding me accountable.

Have you ever experienced this?  Or have needed that extra boost to hold you accountable for things?  After a while, the Mr.’s “holding me accountable for exercising” seems like nagging. (I caved in and finally signed up/purchased the “21 Day Fix” and so far, I’m seeing legitimate results and am impressed with how my coach/mentor/friend really has helped me hold myself accountable!)  Whereas an outsider would ask/comment/question “How’s the posting schedule going?”  (Disclosure:  I don’t write everyday – although I should- I pre-schedule my posts so I don’t have to stress myself out.  I’m on a schedule, hopefully!) The goal is to have enough content that if I’m not feeling a certain post, I have a few that need a few edits here/there and I can go ahead and post.

Here’s to accountability.  You may not realize you need an accountability partner, but at the end of the day, as long as you have someone who can say “How’s the ___?” without sounding like a nag/bringing you down, you are in good shape.  All I need sometimes is that “outsider” to say “Clare, how’s ___ treating you?”  Or “Hey, you haven’t posted in a while, I miss reading your ‘wisdom'” and that’s all the motivation I need to keep going.  The motivation can be internal, but when that’s failing you, sometimes a gentle push is all you need.

Thank you, Accountability buddy, I cannot wait to see how your novel turns out!

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