On Friday, I talked about my Jamberry start.  And how rocky it was and how there were tons of tears and frustration, ALL THE TIME.  And then I started to really focus on the concept of working so that Jamberry could give me the financial flexibility possible to become a stay at home working mom. (Story on how I got to this revelation to come).   And I cried some more.  How in the world would I ever even think of figuring out how to get to my end goal?  I am beginning to sense an “Is she crazy?”  Of course.

I have a goal in mind.  I want to be X rank.  I have no timeline, (well, ideally, I’d prefer the goal to be achieved by June 2017…) and no idea how I am going to get there.  I’ve been working with my sponsor/coach/mentor.  We’ve narrowed down my goal and what checklist things I need to get to that goal.  And then when we finalized the plan, she suggested flexibility. And I was so confused and frustrated.  I am stubborn to the extreme.  And when I am determined and stubborn I do WHATEVER I need to to get that goal.

I guess you can say, yes I am flexible in my methods.  I mean, you’ll soon see, I don’t know how I get to the end point, but I end up doing so regardless.  I just trust and believe in my goal and do whatever I need, it all happens.pieceofclareity.com/stubborngoals

I guess flexibility goes beyond yoga and stretching.  Flexibility is more about keeping an open mind and trusting that the universe and your intentions will happen if you are stubborn.  Like the horse, follow that carrot that’s on the string.  You know you want that carrot (okay, substitute the carrot for your goal) what is stopping you?  Fear?  Drive?  Motivation?  Mean people who try to tell you your goal cannot be reached?  Stop listening and start focusing on you, and that carrot.  That carrot didn’t come to you out of nowhere.  You saw the goal, decided and said “That’s mine.”

With the road before us, or the blank page (insert your own metaphor here), I’ve decided to be stubborn.  I know I want X, Y, Z, and a few other letters.  What is stopping me?  We are seeing career shifts, career changes, lifestyle changes, reinventions of things all the time.  What is holding us back from saying “Gosh darn it, I am going to forge my own path and just make it happen for myself and my family.”  Without that firm belief, this blog wouldn’t be here.  My Jamberry journey would have ended.  And I’d still be fashion blogging. Yikes!

So for today, and the rest of days, we should adopt the idea of being stubborn in our goals.  We know we want the goals.  And even though the future seems murky and unclear, you have the power to achieve those goals, just be open to new possibilities and paths. Believe.

May today’s “Monday Motivation” help you change the way you look at today & the upcoming week.  Don’t be afraid of the future, it’s yours.



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