I’m still trying to figure out life.  We knew this, right?  After all, that’s the whole purpose of this piece of internetz.  So with trying to figure out life, naturally, you’re trying to figure out how to be an adult, how to be a person, and how to properly apply your fingernail wraps to the nails.  (I’m talking the blue…the bubbles…)

This is why I had a failed fashion blog.  I did not have the confidence to wear and not worry.  I was not like “Damn right I look good, might as well post this on the blog.”  Nope.  Because I felt super inferior to many a fashion blog, who the heck would want to see a normal girl wear clothes?  I can stand outside and see that, without looking at a computer screen.  So when it came to posting this manicure, I thought “Aw snap, after that post where I go on and on about #becauseofjamberry, and blah blah blah, people expect me to have flawless pretty nails all the time.”  Well peeps, sorry to disappoint but…

can’t be flawless all the time.

and that’s okay!

aqua modern diamond and lakeside

Besides.  Isn’t it a better selling point to you, the reader, to show that I am a normal person just like the rest of us?  No superiority complex here.  I’m a regular person just as much as the person sitting next to you, so why not point out that there are days/times where yes, everyone will be expecting you to crank out amazing work.   (Rant on this topic at a later date… especially after the wine-infused conversation with my blogging buddy/coach).  But to be perfectly honest, sometimes amazing work just isn’t in the cards, and as much as we try, we have to accept we cannot be perfect all the time- we are human.

Why yes, most of my manicures are amazingly flawless (the ones where I take my sweet time…when I have sweet time), but sometimes you get a little rushed, or distracted (I was watching America’s Got Talent…) and well, it may look flawless, but the next morning, not so much.  I could have completely started over, or taken off the blue nails and started over, but I wanted to use this manicure as a reminder.  “This is what happens when you are too busy thinking about other things and not about the task/person/moment in front of you- the process may be great during, but afterwards, there’s a reminder that something went awry” (Awry- that’s my word of the day…)  But I am okay with that.  The whole point of this process of life is about learning, and practice.  My philosophy on life?

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Neither is life.

Am I crazy to think that?  Was it not true? Clearly the Romans couldn’t build the aqueducts or the Coliseum in day, and I’m sure there were days where they broke bricks, or things fell apart, but at the end of the day, look what they had to show for all that work?!  Architectural greatness.  I’m applying that to life.  Take it one step at a time, paying attention to the internal signals, and leave your mark.  Seriously, if I didn’t have bubbling manicures, how would I know to practice more?!


Had to post the obligatory Starbucks drink.  (But I didn’t take it in the store, or even close to the store…I know that baristas hate that!).  Even though there are tons of blue bubbles and clearly this is a few days into the manicure and my tips are wearing, the red contrasted with the nails and the sunlight were just too perfect.  But now, looking at the picture again, and unfiltered, it looks awful.  Oh well, I’m going to leave this picture the way it is anyway.  I’m a real person who is still learning how to play with photoshop/picture staging/taking pictures, the whole shebang.  Until I take a legit course on this stuff, life is going to have to be the teacher…

Own your flaws.  That’s what makes you, you.

And you are awesome.



side note:  the green and white “Aqua Modern Diamond” pattern was a “Throwback Thursday” promotion.  The blue wrap “Lakeside” is linked here.  

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