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Recently, I’ve embraced minimalism.  Less has become best.  I felt overwhelmed. With clutter. In every aspect of life.  So I took a step back.  I needed to make minimal changes for maximum impact I read a book instead of tackling the problem.  Then, the book lead me to a podcast, which lead me to another podcast and then I was hooked on The Minimalists podcast.  And although I’m only 5 episodes deep, I am beginning to become less overwhelmed.  I started to take small steps everyday to make strides to become a little more minimal and a lot less whelmed.

One of the important lessons I’m learning from these two guys is simple.  Clutter is overwhelming and we can live more with less.  What are the values that are driving you in your everyday?  The Minimalists offer:  health, relationships, passion, growth and contribution as their core values.  And at the end of the day, with all the personal development I’ve been working on, I have very similar values.  My core values had been driving me to succeed, but clutter got in the way recently.  So the Mr. and I made simple changes.  And now we are noticing an overall difference!

You CAN live a lot more with a lot less.

I started with the basics.  A while ago, I mentioned I wanted to streamline my closet.  Took me about two weeks to find time to actually do it, but when the little human decided to take a 2 full hour morning nap, I saw my window of opportunity.  I took EVERYTHING out of my closet.  (I should have but didn’t- vacuum and wipe down the shelves).  I had 2 garbage bags ready (for donations and/or garbage).  I was determined.  I took the hangers off and put mismatched hangers away.  If I didn’t have enough matching hangers, clothes got cut out.

I had a set amount of hangers.  I had started with the necessities (like a suit, a black dress, the things I usually don’t wear but do hold onto because they are classic, worn-often-enough pieces).  They went on the matched hangers and were hung up in the back.  Then everything else got a twice look over, (for wear/tear, shape, stains) and was asked “Will I wear this?  When was the last time I wore this?  Does this spark joy?” If it was re-wearable, into the donation bag, if not?  (I had a lot of “if nots”) right into the trash.

 I realized I wear about 30% of the clothes I owned.

Why hold onto 70% of bulk?

And so far, I don’t miss the clothes.  In fact, I feel more confident in my mornings because I’m not overwhelmed by clutter.  Granted, I can’t pare down my scarf collection (it is a signature item of mine!) but I can now focus my morning on what matters most.  My health, relationships, growth, passion and overall contribution to society.  I minimalized and Marie Kondo-ed my closet.  And here I am, sitting on the floor of my bedroom looking into an “empty” closet thinking “What can I minimalize next?”  If the Mr. is reading this?  Sorry, not sorry, let’s go minimalize!


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