Today is a cliche day.  Let’s try to fit as many cliches into this post without it sounding cliche, okay?

Taking it old school.  Sometimes you need to revert to the past in order to live in the present.  Is that a thing?  I know, everyone tells us to “live in the present,” but how can we live in the present if we don’t know how to “let go of things from the past?”  Is our life just one big cliche?!  Or, “learn from history.”   Well, doesn’t “history always repeat itself?”  Legit.   Why would I want to repeat myself?  Isn’t that redundant, won’t I “sound like a broken record?”  And since this week we are learning from history (this was one of my very first wraps I’ve ever worn), why not take what we’ve learned and put theory into practice?

When I first started the Jamberry journey, I only wore pinks and lighter colors, even boring solids.  Back in Fall 2014/15, the catalog was not nearly as extensive as it is now.  There were very few “neutral-y” designs and colors without being overly loud and unprofessional.  (Remember, last week, I discussed how I’ve grown  as a person via my side hustle.) But I never could “get it right.”  I was always frustrated and embarrassed about my side hustle, and didn’t want to attract the wrong kind of attention.  But that was 2 years ago.

#spearheadjn, jamberry nails

Now, finally, after 2 years, I decided to just “go for it” and stretch myself.  I said “Why am I holding back on this?!”  With the incredible personal growth between Clare of Jamberry 2014, and Clare of Jamberry 2016, I can confidently rock these #spearheadjn without being nervous.  Minus the fact that I have terrible timing in taking pictures (a hangnail and overly dry cuticles are not “picture worthy), but hey, give me credit for trying, right?

As I sit and reflect on how the last two years have been a wild ride, I cannot help but think of where I want to go next.  I’ve been reading a ton of personal development (self-help) books, listening to a ton of podcasts, even practicing the “visualization” process.  With the endless possibilities in mind, I’m open to the future, no longer afraid that I “wasted my money” by starting my own business, and “sell nail stickers.”  May your future be open and bright, just like my outlook!

Visualize your bright future.  What you manifest will become yours.


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