Sometimes we get the opportunity to try something new and exciting.  I’d been on the fence about starting something new, but when the chance was there, my new mindset is always take the opportunity, you never know when it’ll show up again.  With this new “think open” mindset, I have become accustomed to reminding myself to always “try something new.”  And although I’m definitely as stubborn as a mule, I guess sometimes we just have to go for “it” and try something completely out of our element.

Enter “Perennial Blue.”  First of all, I needed spellcheck like 8 bazillion times to learn how to properly spell “Perennial.”  (adj: lasting for an indefinitely long time).  Then I needed to google the word so I could learn the proper pronunciation of the world. (and of course, the proper definition since this Lit nerd is over analyzing everything)  This is a perpetual tongue twister for me.  But, after studying the origin of the world, and awkwardly saying the word over and over in my office one day, I felt confident that I was ready to commit after all, the word does mean “lasting for an indefinitely long time.”  What if I wasn’t ready for “indefinitely”?

I think the contrast of the nails on the bottle of soap was a nice choice for prop, no?  I mean orange and blue?  Go Orange! (I’m a proud alum).  I am a fan of the blue.  It’s a matte finish, with a little gold glitter fleck here and there.  When I first started wearing Jamberry, (2 years ago) I would have NEVER purchased/worn this type of wrap. I ran away from floral, I even thought blue was inappropriate for fingernails.  I was appalled by color and “loud” patterns on nails.  I was a traditionalist.  I was also a tightly wound new professional.  I had this huge complex going on that I must represent professionalism at all times

Lame.  Boring.  What was the point of being a consultant?  How can you model the product if you don’t use it?  How can you confidently state something if you don’t believe in what you are telling people? Why would you expect anything more if you aren’t giving your “all?”  I guess something as simple as reflection and gratitude for the journey really does make all the difference.

Be grateful.

Take time to notice the change.

Acknowledge the process.

You are growing everyday.

Just a little reminder, half the time I write these posts for myself.  I know (literally, I have the statistical proof) that no one is really reading this blog, and that’s okay.  I’m using Piece of Clareity as an outlet for myself.  Remember why I started?  For that “OMG I am approaching 30 soon and haven’t realized that growing up is scary, why not document it I’m sure there’s tons of people out there feeling this way.”  Even though I haven’t found those “tons of people” I feel more confident in each day even in knowing that I put my words into a post, and pray for the best.



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