There’s something about the color pink that always attracts me.  That’s why in the Summer months, you just gotta go with those vibrant, light colors.  Save the dark stuff for the cold dreary months.  So naturally, you gotta go bright right now.  Considering the final heat wave (hopefully cause the last one was a rough one) of the summer has ceased, now it’s time to sport the warmth and color on my nails.  (I’ve been catching myself sniffiling and wearing heavy sweaters in the office recently…that means winter is coming…)

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should…) you’ll see a few weeks ago I wore this Carmen Ombre design.  Why am I posting it 3 weeks later?  Cause I can?  Nah, that and, well, to be honest…I schedule my posts in advance.  I’m not one of those bloggers who can keep up with the times.  If I can write a post and publish it the next day, fantastic- but that’s not how I roll.  You should see how many times I edit and revise posts…

must be the perfectionist in me…


Isn’t that super pretty?  I think so too.  I wish I could wear this all the time.  I like the orange neon look into the pink.  And although I’m not really a fan of florals, this seems like a good balance between floral and going overboard.  Tell me I’m not crazy.  Florals make me think of 1980’s interior decorating with heavy drapery and window treatments… or that musty old sofa that everyone’s grandmother has…(present tense…we all know what I’m talking about!) So I steer clear of dating myself even older than I already am…I’m in denial that a birthday is coming up soon…#29

I don’t know.  Sometimes we all just need a little something to brighten our day.  Be it something as small as what color our nails are, or the fact that a barista got our name right on our double shot latte- the little things make up the big picture.  Many people classify themselves as “big picture” people.  But I’m not one of those people.  I’m a “in the moment, what do I need to do” kind of person.  And in the moments of summer dreary stormy days, and the hint that Labor Day weekend is upon us, you just gotta have the little things matter.

Little or small, doesn’t matter.  As long as we are smiling throughout the day, that’s what makes the world a better place.

Happy Monday.  Make this week the best week ever.  Even though the week already is.  (All about a shift in mindset, people- you have the power to control how the week goes.  Make it happen!)

This week’s manicure is “Carmen Ombre” linked here.
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