I may have done this post before, either on this blog, or the failed fashion blog, but recently, my Jamberry journey has come to a fast upswing and momentum has taken me full force.  I need to take a step back and rework somethings, tweak, rebrand, remarket, reimage, re-everything.  Big part of me LOVES this little technical stuff.  This challenges me as an entrepreneur, a creative thinker, and overall as a person. (Need I remind you of the failed fashion blog?)

 How can we grow is we aren’t faced with the opportunity to seek change?

So when it comes to working and reworking on growing, I have to take a step back and check what I’ve already done, and work on where to go from here.  Does anyone else find thrill in taking stock of where you are and how far you’ve come?  Does the song “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox 20 come to mind?  I continually use this video as a tool, similar to the “Grit Ted Talk.”   I have a few videos/songs/readings/podcasts always on call for those reflective moments.  Even during my makeshift “Miracle Mornings” I make sure my visualization and journaling always are reflective (sometimes meditative) in order to really take grasp of who I am as a person.  If we don’t take stock in just how far we have come in this journey, we lose sight of where we want to go.

What’s the point of having a goal if you are not 100% devoted in reaching the end?

As we read this, it’s October.  #year29 is only about 9 days away from commencement.  I’m getting nervous that I haven’t prepared myself enough for #year29, so I am starting small.  I’m taking stock, and slowly improving little bits here and there.  Since today is Monday, we talk Manicures on Mondays here at Piece of Clareity.  Let’s go back in time here to reevaluate and improve for the future.

Little human was born in April.  This video was filmed in early March.  So according to this video, I’ve had the world’s longest pregnancy, or the video is just completely outdated, and poorly shot.  (My cameraman/Mr. was so patient that day…).  Also, my technique has significantly improved, and I can now make this video more detailed and clear in 4 minutes than currently at 7.  I am a victim of impatience, and if I can cut things down by 25% and condense and clarify the info, then why not?  Foolproof the process…

One of the great things about growing is learning that even though this video is awesome, (for a first try, and one take!) I know it is time to rework and make the process even more simpler and clear.  I need to really work with the cameraman to get close ups, to understand the process, to make it foolproof.  I feel like that’s everyone’s mindset these days.  And yes, for me that can be frustrating (because what can be foolproof for me can be completely difficult for others and vice versa) but at the same time, I seek the thrill of re-working things to make them foolproof.  Is there a legit job out there that helps people make things foolproof?  I would be so good at that job.

If something isn’t foolproof, why bother?!

Ugh.  I hate the sound of my own voice, and the lack of communication the Mr. and I had during this.  Our nonverbals are pretty awesome, almost telepathic with each other, but…there’s a lot to improve upon.  In an ideal world, this video would be viral.  (Yeah right, I don’t know if I can handle “the fame.”)  But, if I can help one or two people understand what Jamberry is and why I am in love, then mission accomplished.  Ideally, if the video can be less than a minute, even better…but one step at a time here.  Let’s cut it down 25%.  I’ll keep you updated on that front…

Goodness, look how much I’ve grown (and shrunk).  I have so many ideas for this new and improved 25% shorter video…the video will make sense, be quick, to the point and simple.  I have been on a mission to simply, and make things foolproof, why not start with something like the way I run my Jamberry business?  I simplify everyday- cleaning/organizing/unsubscribing/meal planning/journaling/miracle morning-ing, keeping things neat… there’s great joy in keeping it simple.  That way we can always reflect on how far you have come and where you are going in life.  Take time throughout the day today to simplify one aspect of your life.  Tomorrow, repeat.  By the end of the month, you’ll be in a simple routine, and you’ll notice just “how far we’ve come.”


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