Coco Chanel said something along the lines of “You can’t go wrong with a little black dress.”  Okay.  So my entire closet (well, post first round of streamlining…because I had a panic about my endless closet…) is one little black dress.  Of course.  Because I can’t seem to understand how else to pair anything in my closet unless the outfit starts with a black base.  I’m THAT fashion illiterate, I’m surprised I was allowed into the DC fashion blog circles. I clearly have a foundation of black as my wardrobe these days.  Okay, great.  But how to make dress up?

Did I mention I’m a nerd?  I LOVE to learn.  Seriously.  I LOVE to read, take notes (now I’m loving bullet journaling too), and really focusing on the personal development that we all need to move ourselves forward.  In fact, I am now going forward with trying to mentally and physically wake up a little earlier each day just so I can start getting in the habit of trying to read a book or listen to a podcast that pertains to personal development.  But sometimes 6:15am comes too soon and the down comforter is just too warm to pass up..#thestruggleisreal

One thing I’m learning about myself is that I HAVE to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  Okay, I think I’ve learned that a million times before.  BUT there’s ALWAYS that voice in my head that is the “doubt” voice.  And let me tell you, that doubt voice really is a meanie.  I am constantly having internal struggles with that voice.  Like for this manicure!  I had the vision in my mind.  I was all excited to plan the gel color and then layer the copper tips over.  The manicure was going to be perfect, and look great. I thought.

But things don’t ever always go as planned.  Ever.  And of course, because that’s how life happens, right?  Well.  It may look good to the naked eye, but to me, this was a disaster of a process.  Then again, I’m the WORST at painting my own nails.  (In fact, the morning I wrote this post- no lies, I preschedule posts, for obvious planning purposes).  Either I’ve been doing Jamberry for too long, or just always thought that I COULD be the world’s best nail polisher- but my painting game is the weakest game I’ve ever played. Practice doesn’t help me.

I managed to paint with TruShine Black Onyx gel.  Lots of thin (barely there) coats.  That process took forever.  Usually the gel process doesn’t.  However, due to my lack of polish expertise and the fact that the color was black, and streaks could be a thing, I had to be extra diligent in my processes.  By the time I was pleased with how the black turned out, and I did a time check.  I almost missed my 10:30pm bedtime. No copper wraps that night.  So I wrapped the next day.  And I think I’m pleased.  Lots of compliments.  Mission accomplished.


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