Recently, a friend and I were having a heated debate on the power of how you can quietly build your empire.  This friend and I were originally talking about the Grammy’s but then one thing lead to another and we started talking personal development of our own brand/image/empire.  The debate got me to thinking and reevaluating everything that is my current brand/image/empire.  I then started researching “How to Brand yourself” and I took notes upon notes upon notes.  I got confused, frustrated and knocked down a few times, but I figured, how can we rebuild if we don’t fall down?

Thought provoking conversations about music CAN inspire you to build your own little empire!

I’ve learned in this re-branding/empire building phase that you have to know what you are working for.  What is that overarching goal you are trying to achieve?  You have to know what you are working for especially when you cannot move forward until you know that goal.  (You can’t just jump into the deep end of the pool without making sure that you are in fact, jumping into the 7+ foot end!)  Be cautious in your approach, but know ahead of time, you have to work yourself to get to that image/brand.  We are individuals, but working together for good.

Find your focus.  You now have your goal, now focus on three to five areas within this goal path that you can really become the expert on.  Took me a long long while to find my goal path, for sure, but now I know the 3-5 areas where I can work my hardest (the tasks I LOVE doing versus what I hate doing) and put all my efforts and energies into those areas.  I’m investing in myself (read about that here) and learning everything I can in the areas I know I want to expert in.  Learning= ultimate success key.

But as I am building my mini empire, I’m realizing that I must bring my full self to the table.  There are a  lot of people out there (fellow Jam consultants/tribe, customers, family and friends) who are investing their time in me, so why not give them the ultimate relationship they deserve?  I have been factoring in my relationships in this re-branding process.  Look at who is supporting you, even if they don’t “get what you are doing everyday.”  I wouldn’t be publishing blog posts if I didn’t take the time to think of who is benefiting from my “wisdom.”

For my business I’ve become the expert in my little niche.  I’ve had to claim myself as an expert.  When someone is investing a few dollars into my product, you bet your butt I have to be an expert.  Who else will answer their questions/concerns?  I don’t want them to steer away from me.  I want to build my brand so I am viewed as a consistent problem solver with what I am producing.  I want to be the authority of my own business- I AM the business, not the product.  The product is supplemental.  People are buying me first.

Tip of the day on rebranding:  What you bring to the table is valuable.  Don’t let your mind take that away from you.  You clearly know what you are getting yourself into.  You should make your own style, brand, image that sets you apart from the rest.  Focus your efforts and energies FORWARD on YOU and YOUR OWN GOALS.  It’s great to have a battle buddy (I love mine!), but at the end of the day, you two should be challenging each other to hit your OWN goals, with your own BRAND, with your OWN EXPERTISE.  Be true to you.




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