Time really does fly.  I didn’t really realize that “time really does fly” until the other day where I was writing a document for work, and asked a co-worker “Wait, you’ve only been here for a month?  Goodness, I thought it’s been a lot longer than a month- September ___ really was only a month ago?  Stop…..”  Where is it flying to?  And why do we use term “fly” why not like “zoom?”  How is it that we are already 10 months into 2016, and one day into #year29?!  We are in the “home-stretch” for 2016 here…sh*t’s about to get real.

Why am I already getting ready to pack for a long weekend in Spain?  And what the heck is the weather going to be like?  I hate ten-day forecasts- in my previous life in Campus Activities, the ten-day forecasts were never reliable.  There’s always a need for plans C-Z, in case the weather (especially in Washington, D.C.) can change in an instant.  What to pack?  Do I wear makeup?  Or should I just go makeup free?  Oy I have so much to do this coming weekend, and like no time to do it.  Argh.  At least I know I am limited to a carry on…Barcelona cover photoI’m quite excited to get on a plane.  I love flying.  I can get some uninterrupted reading done, some work done, a blog post or two, just little things that I’ve been struggling to keep up with.  (Decorating my bullet journal, or just writing in general…the list can go on).  Even watching a movie uninterrupted!  But, that’s another story for another time.  I’m currently working on finalizing plans on what to do once we land in Barcelona.

Three weeks ago, I asked for some recommendations on where to go, what to see.  And, I’ve been getting some emails here and there.  But here’s my last call plea.  Does anyone have any other ideas?  For example, if I were to ask you:

“If you were to go back to Barcelona, what’s one place you’d want to see again?”

Things to Do in Barcelona

I’m not a picky person at all.  I LOVE exploring and people watching.  I love the churches, the architecture, the culture, the music, food, people, even the smells.  (Thankfully, this year I’m not 4 months pregnant with a very bad bout of morning sickness…cough Luzern, Switzerland, cough) Tell me what I need to know!  What am I miss out on in this city?  Where are the hidden gems that need to be discovered?!  What specific dishes do I need to eat?  Any adult beverages that are unique to the city?  (Or country for that matter…) Help!

Things to Do in BarcelonaSee, look at that art.  I NEED to take a picture of that myself.  I NEED to take it, post it on Instagram.  I am excited to see where the trip takes us.  (I can safely hint that we will be going to Monserrat, an old monestary turned vineyard/winery).  And if you are interested to see where we end up, be sure to follow along on the IG!

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