Motivation.  I’ve been struggling with this lately.  I just don’t seem to have the motivation to sit down and crank out some creative, witty, “public service announcement-esque” blog post.  In fact, I haven’t had the motivation to really do anything these last few weeks.  I blame the weather.  But then I become a “fixed mindset.”  (Cue the blog post about what I am teaching in class…)  I guess I’m stuck in a mindset where I just cannot seem to look beyond the short-term in order to address my longer-term and higher-priority goals.  Gah!  If only it was Spring.  Sunshine. Inspiration.

There is a belief in the universe that if we are going to invest in ourselves, well, darn right, there better be some sort of payout for our hard work.  Of course there is.  However, we have to believe in the long term benefits of what we are doing in the current moment.  For example, I just spent most of the month of January (and well, the first few days of February) prepping myself for the Spring/Summer catalog launch in March for Jamberry.  And although there was plenty of time between now and then, I was focused on the long-term.

Focusing on the long-term is great for your goals.  But what are you doing in the present moment to make the long-term a success?

People always asked me “What’s your secret to success within this Jamberry thing?”  And I smile kindly and say “There is no secret, just some serious persistence and the belief that your hard work will one day pay off.”  There’s no instant gratification when you are investing in yourself.  There’s no instant fix for that fixed mindset, you have to work to get yourself into a “growth” mindset.  A little preachy, I know.  But, that’s the secret.  You have to change the mindset.  You have the ability to be a success, sometimes you just need to really believe in success.

One of the first questions I like to ask people when they ask me for my “secrets” is “What is your ultimate goal?”  Wait.  I’ll be the first person to tell you, goals change over time.  For sure.  But how are you challenging yourself to get to that goal you set forth?  How high are your standards?  Are they SMART goals?  Because even though we have high standards and lofty goals, you must also perceive those goals to be attainable.  I know in the beginning we can’t focus on anything else, but realistically speaking, baby steps really do help you.

So even though my motivation has been slacking these days, I’ve found a few moments of clareity to take the time and answer a question that has been bugging me for days now.  “Where did the motivation go?”  And then I realize, I’ve always had the motivation, I just have been in a fixed mindset where I’m too focused on the long-term and not taking time to step into the present.  If we are to be role models for one another, why not start with yourself?  Why not figure out how to model your own “growth mindset” behavior first?

You have one job this week.  Believe in your future success.  Define realistic goals.  Focus the short-term daily tasks for long-term achievement.



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