Today we celebrate.  We celebrate my friend, J, who so kindly got me hooked.  J, who said to me “I have no idea what I am doing or how to explain this to you, but why not just join me and we can do this thing together.  J, the girl who always knew (4 years prior to this decision) that I was the ultimate girly-girl and would pay too much for acrylic/gels, only to go back every other week.  We celebrate J, and her constant pushing me to become a better friend, a better thinker, more creative, more “boss girl.”  Why do we celebrate my dear ol’ girl J?  Simple.  She’s the one that pushed me.  She’s the one who I can confidently proclaim to the world….

Today, September 3rd is my…jamiersary

Yes.  Today we celebrate the fact that this continual quitter (I can never get through a planner, a book, a workout without wanting to quit) actually stuck with something for 2 whole years.  I cannot begin to explain how much Jamberry has changed who I have become (you can read that #becauseofjamberry post here).  I am more confident, creative, caring, customer service oriented, quick thinking, problem solving, kind, all the positive words- insert them here.  Jamberry has taught me how to be patient, understanding, not procrastinate, become my own boss, be creative in how I work a business, and much more.

I’ve grown myself professionally, personally, and creatively.  I’ve never been a creative/free flowing thinker until these past two years.  In fact, when I first started as an Independent Consultant (oooh, fancy title), I was a very “follow the rules, follow the trend of what has been done before you” kind of thinker.

Never ever did I think I could break free from traditional thinking and go forth and conquer the world.

Yes, I’ve had many an up and down, fears, doubts and frustrations for sure.  Yes, there were times where I wanted to throw in the towel and cry.  Never did I think that if I just stuck with it a little longer, opportunities, friendships and lasting relationships would be formed.  I wanted to cry many months where my sales were just my own purchases.  Now, two years later, my sales have flourished and even though I only have 1 teammate, I’m confident in where the next year of Jamberry will take me.

I’d be more than happy to chat with anyone who was like me.  Stuck, frustrated, fearful, doubtful, nervous, terrified, (insert your negative feeling here).  I was you at one point.  I was.  I know that the future is intimidating, and definitely something to be worried about, but…change is possible.  If you identified with the same thoughts I had about diving into Jamberry (network marketing/online sales/facebook parties), email and we can discuss!  I love to share happiness.



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