Ever get into a rut?  And get frustrated with yourself with the way things are heading (business, life, etc.)?  Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post anymore!  I’ve learned the importance, (early on, thank you #failedfashionblog) of learning and investing time in your business, yourself, and your entrepreneurial education.  I am a continual student.  Maybe that’s my nature, but without constantly learning and absorbing information, my business would not at the level I want the business to be.  There are a lot of steps I took to get to this point, and I can say: LEARN.

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Read books, listen to podcasts, watch your peers.  I’ve learned 90% of the way I operate my business in this manner.  I’ve watched my peers in my specific business, and I’ve watched peers in other Direct Sales and/or entrepreneurial businesses.  I’ve read books from books (yes, I’m THAT person who reads the suggested readings, and I end up spending more money on Amazon for my Kindle than I make), listened to podcast after podcast (again, rabbit hole of suggestions), and watched Youtube after Youtube video.  I’ve taken webinars, studied algorithms (even though they change), and changed my practices for success.

But here’s the caveat.  This was not an easy undertaking.  There were many nights where I’d lay awake at night asking myself “What the heck am I doing?  At what point was that a good idea” and the list goes on.  And thinking back, nothing was worth losing sleep.  Instead, I should have just trusted and believed that whatever shifts/adjustments I was making in my business were going to work in the long run.  Sometimes you just have to take a few small risks to make a huge difference in the way you operate your business/life.  And I’m quite pleased.

The smartest thing I ever did for myself?  To commit myself to always being a student.  Of everything.

Instead of listing all the books, podcasts, resources, youtubes and the like, I’d rather challenge you to find something that you are interested in and become completely immersed in that topic.  I’m not saying you’re interested in direct sales (specifically Jamberry!), rather, if you have something you are interested in, DIVE right in.  There’s nothing stopping you from learning almost everything you can, and when you think you’ve learned enough, there’s ALWAYS MORE TO LEARN. I guess, today’s lesson of the day- don’t stop learning everything you can about your trade- you definitely won’t regret all the learning.  Keep learning.

Why?  Because, how can you grow as an entrepreneur if you don’t learn?  How can you change the way you do your business, the way you operate, the way you interact with customers if you don’t learn?  I’ll tell you, there’s been a lot of shifts/adaptations/tweaks I’ve made along my business journey since I’ve started.  I am not the girl I was 3 years ago when I first started, and that’s only because I was committed to doing something for me.  I wanted to have something I can call my own, not something that someone else set up for me.

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