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When asked, no one really has any concept of what my day job is.  I explain it like this.  “I help students figure out what classes they need to take in order to graduate “on time”…”  (“On time” is in air quotes since the traditional 4 year college track has now become 5-6 years…)  At least that’s what I am supposed to be doing.

The frozen expression on my face when I experience these stories…

And since I regret NOT keeping a journal of instances, conversations, wacked out situations, and the like, I might as well start now.  No time like the present, right?  Might as well, considering one day I’ll publish a book and become super rich and famous just for living life and doing my job to the best of my abilities…

…keep in mind, for confidentiality and privacy sake, I’m going vague here, but you’re smart readers, you’ll get the idea…

– – – – – – – – – –


Setting:  Gloomy, post-thunderstorm, humid, foggy morning.  A few glasses of wine the night before created a haze in my mind.  The baby was still sleeping when I left for work, and it was raining while filling my gas tank…Rain, and people not knowing how to drive in the rain…I honestly had no idea the context of the email until later on, but let’s just focus on my confusion when I opened this email at 8am, pre-second cup of coffee, and was feeling a little bit more than fuzzy on a gloomy gloomy summer-y kind of morning.

S:  “I didn’t know I was getting a new advisor, but that’s fine, I’m sure you’re great and maybe you’ll think I’m fine. I have no idea if you’re even on your email this long before school begins, but I’ll send this message and send it again when we get back to school if you aren’t.”

Initial response?



Totes.  Totally.  Maybe you’ll think I’m fine.  Maybe.  I don’t even know what I am thinking.  How am I supposed to know how you are?!  This is why I love my job.  Expect the unexpected and always anticipate how students are thinking.  Yep.  I can’t even anticipate how I am thinking half the time, and yet I’m a mind reader?  Wait, did I learn those things in grad school?  Did I sleep through those classes that semester?  I don’t remember my grad school program taking money from me to take “Mind Reading 101.”  But I guess it did?

Someone tell me I wasn’t crazy.  I didn’t sleep through         “Mind Reading 101.”

 Does that class even exist?  Should I re-enroll?!



– – – – – – – – –
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