Friends.  I cannot keep up with everything.  Half the time I cannot keep up with my life, the blog, work, our growing wine cellar, getting stuck behind a bus on my way to work every morning, diaper changes, gak bibs, bibs, laundry…you get the point.  But after many a text chain between me and a “blogger mentor/friend” (yep, Eva, that’s you), I finally did it.

I finally caved in & joined SnapChat.  pieceofclareity

I literally have no idea what the heck I am doing with SnapChat.  But isn’t that part of the fun of this app?  The behind the scenes hilarity that is my life?  Even though my life is super boring, these filter things are not.  So there’s that…

Snapchat:  pieceofclareity

Help me get more points.  I have no idea what the points are for, but the fact that as I write this I only have 12 points is sad to me.  Points equal….what?  I don’t know but we will figure it out.  And I was taught that Snapchat isn’t just for selfies, and you don’t need to know my phone number!  This can be fun.




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Follow along on social media too- those accounts are always with me (since I am GLUED to my iPhone…), and they are a perfect reflection of just how scatterbrained and crazy this journey of life can really become…