Motivation and drive is what keeps us working.  But everyone has their own personal motivations and internal pushes to drive them into the future. We need to take the time to figure out what our personal reasons, and our personal motivations are.  That’s our “why.”  When I started my entrepreneurial journey, all the blogs, podcasts, books, all asked for my “why.” I had no idea what “why” should be.  Was it something easy?  What could I say is my “why” without overwhelming myself and others?  Should I low-ball myself?  Or, should I make the why “to quit my day job?”

When I started this entrepreneurial journey three years ago, I was not really all too into the journey.  I just wanted to have some extra product without needing to pay for them.  I wanted to make a few extra bucks a week to pay for my weekly latte.  (Not daily, had to scale back on the espresso…) And I struggled.  I cried.  I begged my family and friends, and exhausted my immediate market.  A lot of negative emotions, guilt, embarrassment.  And “everywhere” pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and just ask. (My least favorite piece of advice.)

Then I started seeing results by just building relationships and getting in touch with my people. Just by being friends on Facebook.  Pointing out little things like “Oh my goodness, that weekend trip looked so fun!” and commentary of the sort made a huge difference in getting to know people.  And getting to know people was terrifying to me.  I am a stranger to them, why “stalk them on Facebook” and build a virtual friendship?  But let me tell you.  These virtual friendships have become more than just virtual.  Even though we haven’t physically met, I’ve been forming a “tribe.”

And I’ve been igniting myself with the passion and energy that these women have.  The energy, excitement and passion is so infectious and empowering that I immediately get energized to act.  Do what, with said energy, I’m still clueless.  I have all this excitement and passion but nothing to do with it.  I’m acting on nothing.  I’m acting with no real future outcome.  So can someone tell me how they channel that motivating/excitement and energy?  I’m not wasting my time here, am I?  What happens with all this energy that doesn’t go anywhere? To be honest-  I get frustrated.

So I’ll start taking this energy and channelling it into productive things.  I’ve learned along the way “you can do anything you set your mind to for X amount of time.”  Meaning, if you just set out and hunker down and focus, you can achieve those goals in the time you set on yourself.  Make sure they are S.M.A.R.T. goals (sensible, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, timely), focusing on consistency in small tasks.  Clearly, me calling 10 people a day asking for business/referrals can and will be draining- I’m an introvert, scared of myself.  Take it small.

I’ve started reaching out to three people a day.  My calendar may not reflect this small change, but, I’m learning to really focus on putting one foot in front of the other, and I can really move mountains.  By taking one step at a time, we are propelling ourselves forward to live life the way we WANT to live.  I’m trying to convince myself, and the Mr. that we are so sucked into the concept of security that sometimes, we just have to take the leap and go do what we want. Don’t worry, passion will lead you to success.

So today, I’m fired up.  I’m ready to take the next step on this journey and work to do what I love.  I want to follow this dream, and not stop til I get to the point where I can say “I can’t believe how far I’ve come, and where this journey has led me.”  I cannot forget to remind myself to enjoy the work I am doing.  Without passion and excitement, people won’t take me seriously, or trust me.  So I have to take my passion and make “it” happen.  And that’s exactly what my 2017 will be. Ignite

“I might only have one match,

but I can make an explosion.”

 -Rachel Patton