Why hasn’t anyone introduced me to these things sooner?!  After Adnan and Serial last year, I’ve learned the power of Podcasts!  They are great.  Seriously.  I don’t have any music on my phone anymore, strictly Podcasts.  And personally, I cannot get enough…

I listen at the gym, on my commute to/from work, at work (when I can wear my earbuds), and basically anytime I want to be entertained not in front of a screen or strain my poor eyes (more on that journey soon) with a book…

Lately, I’ve been LOVING podcasts.  I recommend Podcasts to anyone.  The topics are endless and I lean towards inspirational, to motivational, to hysterical.  After all, taking a glimpse at ones’ podcast list is like looking at their iTunes library and getting a general overview of their personality.

But the one that started me on this podcast adventure really did me in….read on for the backstory…

 Hey Frase – by Sarah Fraser and Samy K.

“It’s a podcast, not a castpod.  Hey Frase and Samy K at DC improv…”

How did I find them?  I fell in love with these two back in my DC days.  They were radio hosts on the morning show I listened to EVERY SINGLE MORNING, until the day I finally met Sarah at a Blogger Event, and realized that the next morning would be the last time I hear her live.  (Moving to NYC without a job, do you honestly think I woke up early in the mornings to listen?  Heck no!  I was tired from my 24 hours a day job, girl needed sleep.)  Sorry, DC 107.3, but I enjoyed sleeping in past 8..and we both know that after 9am, the show was winding down for the day…

Following Sarah on Instagram, I eventually came to learn that the radio station nixed the show, and she, Samy, and the rest of the gang would no longer produce their hilarious, edgy, yet amazing morning show.  I felt bad, but at the same time, I knew that this was also time for me to “let go of DC and realize that I’m now in NYC” and to find a local station with just as much fun.

Around December, Sarah and Samy announced on social media that they were finally able to (because of contract agreements, etc.) launch their podcast.  FINALLY!  I was able to download my “daily” dose of DC-ness, and listen to them throughout my day, rather than use data plans, or always worrying about finding wi-fi.  I was so excited, and I now look forward to Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays.  Seriously, who looks forward to specific days of the week that AREN’T Friday?   This girl.

What’s their deal?  Taping at the DC Improv, their  hour long shows made my afternoons hysterical.    They want to make a movement.  They  aim to be “funny, inspiring, pop-culture driven, REAL, and DC based.”   Even if you don’t live in the DC area- don’t worry.  They discuss EVERYTHING.  Trust me. If you need a daily laugh, download their podcast now. Seriously.  These two have it down.  Their chemistry together is hilarious- their work background together (for forever) cranks out continual hilarity.  They know their audience, they know each other, and they just keep producing a podcast that I look forward to.

They speak their minds.  They tell the truth.  When talking about DC specific issues, you can obviously tell the two have done their research, and/or have experienced whatever issue they are talking about.  I love listening for their reviews of new places to eat (for when I make a return trip), their latest hosting event, etc.  If you know DC beyond the monuments and museums, you’ll know what they are talking about, and even say to yourself “dang, I need to go there!”

Why I listen?  Even though the show is predominantely DC based, they do laugh at each other, conduct amazing interviews, and just have a good time.  I love to listen to their podcasts on the treadmill, and laugh the entire time.  I had to scale back how often I listen to them in the car because I’m laughing too much sometimes!  People may look at me when I’m laughing to nothing (clearly music can’t be that funny on the treadmill), but trust me.  Listen and laugh.  You will love it.

If anyone has any recommendations on Podcasts, leave them in the comments.  I’m really realizing that I enjoy podcasts and enjoy how easy they are, and how I can still multi-task when listening.

I think you get the point.  I’m now on a new kick.  Podcasts…so any and all recommendations would be fantastic.