Deep down, you know you have a guilty pleasure.  Think about that.  You don’t want to admit doing, yet you can’t NOT do.  Something you binge on when you think no one is looking.  Something that you are embarrassed to say out loud, and when you do, you learn that whoever you told, they too indulge in the same behaviors.   So I guess, in the end, that “guilty pleasure” is more like a “secret indulgence” because if other people enjoy the behaviors, it’s not really that embarrassing to be guilty about, right?  Or am I the crazy one in all this?

Recently, I’ve caught myself in the indulgence of something so silly, so “not Clare” at all, not embarrassing, that I’ve fully accepted this behavior as a “guilty pleasure.”  Here I am, a suburban born and bred chick, who would rather snuggle up with electricity, with my smartphone in hand, and Netflix on the screen, while snacking on some processed foods that I warmed up in the microwave, but I can’t help myself.  The past few years, my Thursday nights in the late summer call for a mini vacation from suburban life to the mountains.  I’m talking History Channel’s “Mountain Men.”

This suburban girl? #obsessed

Tell me you’ve watched.  Or at least have heard of the premise of the show.   Okay, I guess where we can properly use the term “Guilty Pleasure” here now…  Here’s the concept in a nutshell– the idea of people living as off the grid as possible, while showing survival techniques and their day-to-day lifestyles.  I will never engage in those behaviors but there’s something about that different lifestyle, the fresh mountain air (okay, I don’t have smell-o-vision yet…), definitely calming    Tell me that you find the stories all so fascinating.  And you secretly think “I really want to try that…”

Now who are we kidding.  I could never ever live in the wild like that.  I am too much a fan of my creature comforts, I hate being cold, and not a fan of outdoors.  Unless there’s white sand, and clear blue water that’s bath temperature warm, then I don’t really like the outdoors.  But something calming about “Mountain Men.”  Either the solitude, simplicity, thrill of survival, or  overall “living of the grid” is intriguing.  Weird, right?  I used to binge on trashy-er TV, but have moved on.  Thank you, History channel from getting me away from Bravo or E.

Seriously, what am I going to watch until next summer?!  Nothing can replace this guilty pleasure…

Here’s the heartbreaking clincher.  I’d become so involved emotionally, that when I learned one of the men passed away in July, I’m now worried.  What will next season bring?  How will that story change? I’m seriously worried about this.  But as a guilty pleasure, isn’t that the point?  I guess we’ll have to wait until next summer.  Guilty as charged, I will gladly admit I watch “Mountain Men” and even write a blog post to proudly admit.  If you to “secretly admit” to me, what guilty pleasure show do you watch, that you recommend I tune into until next summer?


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