New Years Resolutions are a waste of a goal.  Think about it.  We all want to practice good habits, but by the middle of January, that glass of wine is calling us, the bottomless french-fries, there’s a massive snow storm stopping you from going to the gym, going cold-turkey on something just isn’t cutting it.  Trust me.   I’ve been there.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  YEAR.  So instead of making resolutions this year, I am making goals for myself.  Because goals seem more fun to work for rather than framing the mindset of “2017 will be the year I ___”  Growth mindset shift.

Small Steps Will Add Up

I thought about this extensively and although trivial, the goals I am setting for myself are attainable because they are realistic.  And even though there may be days where I slip up, at least these are little goals and habits I can formulate to make the concept of New Years Resolutions a little more friendly and less daunting.  I don’t want to become a statistic this year- I will be doing things to avoid falling into that mid-January slump, and I will not start over in February.  “Small Steps Will Add Up”  (well, that’s what I tell my Jamberry team!)

  • Self-Care.  This can sound so stupidly mundane but I’m not talking about “relaxation/breathing/meditation”   I’m talking more about the little daily tasks.  Like proper skin care for washing my face/removing makeup, putting on lotion when my skin gets dry.  Every 6 weeks for a haircut (instead of my usual 6 months).  Little tasks that seem trivial, but we all quietly fall into the lazy routine and skip some of these things.  I’m learning that these trivial tasks are huge in the grand scheme of future self-care and maintenance, so why not start fresh each morning with a freshly washed face?
  • Morning Ritual. Okay, the Mr. will be the first to admit that I am the worst at waking up in the morning.  I want to start waking up.  On the first alarm.  I want to start working on getting personal development/miracle mornings done before anyone else is awake.  I’d LOVE to get my workouts done first thing in the morning, but I think right now I’ll just focus on the goal of waking up at the first alarm.  Starting at 6:30am.  I’ll work my way back til I hit 5:30.  May take me 6 weeks… but I am determined.
  • Personal Projects. I have a ton of personal projects started, and nothing completed.  Of course, because that’s how my “shiny object syndrome” mind works!  And then I end up forgetting things and it’s just a self-defeating cycle of frustration.  So with the personal projects I have lined up, I know I can manage them a little better.  Like the project of “Why the heck did Clare even want a sewing machine in the first place?”  I’m going to take 2017 to prove to the Mr. that it was a worthy investment, not a dust-collecting closeted antique money wasting object.

Why not start fresh each day with little attainable goals?

  • Reading for fun. I’ve spent a lot of 2016 reading books for personal development (and of course, even though I wanted to write about them, I didn’t.)  and although the personal development books are great, why not enjoy a thriller or a leisure book or two?  There are 52 weeks in a year, how awesome would it be to read (and maybe write about) a book a week?  Even if they are silly, or chick-lit, reading is reading no matter what medium.  Who knows, maybe this will be the year I finally commit and read the beast:  Anna Karenina.
  • Write more.   I’ve been told by numerous people that I can write well.  Or relate when I write.  Honestly, I write as though I am talking.  I would not write words into sentences that do not make sense if I was going to verbally say them.  So my narratives are true narratives, not some canned response or some canned form of writing.  Writing has always been an outlet for me, so whether I try to capture my cooking experience in words and pictures, why not write about them?  You never know who is reading, so take a risk!

So that’s where 2017 is going to take me.  Little steps that although seem insanely intensive, breaking them down into daily little goals makes my “resolutions” a little more worthwhile.  I’ll probably still be washing my face consistently this time next year, I’ll have read a few more books, and who knows, the blog may have a few new posts here and there.  Maybe that sewing machine will crank out a queen-size quilt, and my Jamberry business will get us that exotic incentive trip for 2018.  The possibilities for 2017 are endless, but if resolutions are GOALS, it’ll be #accomplished.


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