About seven weeks ago, I attended JamCon (yes, even Jamberry has their own annual conference).  And this took such a lot out of me.  Let me explain.  I am naturally an introvert.  Funny, I know, because here I am, blogging for all the world to read.  And I am painstakingly shy.  I’d rather be home reading than out at a cocktail party.  Small talk is super hard for me, and I always feel uncomfortable talking to people who also hate small talk.  It’s just awkward and emotionally draining.  Which is why throughout the conference, I caught myself in happy tears.

I dubbed October 12, 2016 to October 12, 2017 #year29.  And I made a promise to myself to make this year count before I turned 30.  I wanted to scare myself, to be fearless, to show myself that I am not the person I was- I was in a rut.  I needed a boost, so “Project #year29” began.  Shortly after I personally declared this to myself only, the world seemed to magically align with the project.  My Jamberry team leader reached out and wanted to start coaching calls, and my personal business was taking off faster than I could imagine.

#Year29 is quickly coming to an end, time to gear up for #thebig30

I didn’t think anything of this “reach out” at first.  I just thought “okay, I’ve been doing this for some time, I know how to run my business, and in #year29 I want to elevate myself to something higher.  It’s about time I do something for myself.”  (I’ve realized that this whole “people pleaser” attitude has really just sucked the life out of me and I know it’s time to change). So I brushed her “reach out” off and instead had an attitude of “Ugh, she probably wants to reprimand me for taking so long to come to this point.”

Lesson learned.  Don’t ignore the signs.  Don’t ignore the “reaching out.”  Take advantage.  I’ll explain.  Listen, I was so nervous and got myself so sick to my stomach because here was this leader who had skyrocketed to success and here I was, a little one, just doing what I wanted at my own pace.  Who was I to gain some “attention?”  That was the stupidest thing you can ever think about yourself.  You ARE someone to someone else.  And her initial reach out was that gut check I needed.  Sometimes it takes a simple “hey you’re a rockstar, let’s work”

Took me 29 years, but that “people-pleaser-all-the-time” attitude has to go.   Time to focus on the future.

And sure enough, that phone call was nothing to be worried about.  Nothing to get yourself sick over.  If anything, the phone call changed my perspective on the idea of what I am doing these days- #befearless.  Had I not picked up the phone that Monday night in October, I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.  I wouldn’t have taken the chances I have so far.  In fact, my future is based on the spark that that phone call ignited.  I don’t know if was just the kick in the pants I needed, or what, but…together, we should #befearless

More on the progress in future posts, but let’s learn from today’s lesson.  Do not be afraid to take a step to make a change.  If you don’t accept that compliment of “hey let’s work together”,you can be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life.  Your future is yours.


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