Everyone has some sort of routine.  The other night, I caught myself in a  routine.  When I was in the present moment, I started to think “What am I really doing here?”  Then, I thought, “Why not write about the routine?”  Because we all have fallen in love with The Miracle Morning routine, but is there an evening Routine?   We all have routines to “wind down” but none of us actually know what the routine is without realizing it?  So the last few nights, I’ve been diligently paying attention to what I’ve been doing, and today, I’m talking about it.

After following a little human around the house all day with a dustpan and broom, some calm and clareity is much appreciated…

Let’s start when the little human goes to bed.  By 7:45pm, I’m able to sit down with my bullet journal and go through my monthly log, habit tracker, mood mandala, debt tracker, weekly spread, and finish off with my daily page from today, and plan tomorrow.   There’s something calming about this bullet journaling process that really is helping my anxiety, my stress level and overall mental/emotional wellness.   (Read about my transition from a traditional planner to bullet journal – HERE).  About 20 minutes later (and a lot of brushpen ink on my fingers later), I’m off doing various activities.  

Sometimes a Jamberry power hour of work, or a nice mini spa night, a manicure, or read my latest library book.   (I have a long long library book list running at all times, thanks to Rory Gilmore).  Recently, my powerhours have consisted of brainstorming and planning for future events and find a groove in business.  As much as I don’t want to admit, I’ve been in a little bit of a rut- blogging, business, hobbies.  These evenings have been helping me find my stride again, and I owe it all to Pinterest…arts and crafts, manicures, cooking, recipes…possibilities are endless.

Just setting the intention of an evening routine calms me down!

Around 9:45pm, the Mr and I finally reconvene together (after the little human goes down, we both need our individual quiet time), for either a Netflix mini binge, or just getting ourselves ready for tomorrow.  Sadly, we only watch the same three shows (“The Office,” “Parks and Rec,” “How I Met Your Mother”), but for some insane reason, the consistency helps us wind down and recharge.  Mindless television, repetition, those small comforts really do make a difference.   On a really good week  I’ll make guacamole, and during our TV time, we’ll indulge without a little human constantly wanting some!

10:30 I’m spent.  I need to get sleep before the Little Human takes over my life tomorrow.  As I am finishing my skin care routine (post coming soon) I always make sure to take a moment.  Since I’ve become aware (self-conscious) that I’m turning 30, I’ve been hyper-vigilant about taking care of my skin and nails. I’ll rub some cuticle oil on my fingers, let it soak/list my gratitude, then put some lotion on my hands, really rubbing in between my fingers and on the backs of my hands, and lean back and pass out for the night.

Have you noticed your evening routine?  How do you set yourself up for success?


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