An explanation is needed.  A brief summary of sorts.  Something quick yet gives enough of the story for readers to understand what happened and why August 1st is a relaunch (again!).  Life happened.  Stress, illness (caused by stress), emotional downfall with a much needed life change, a conference in a city I’ve never been in with people I never thought I would have ever met, and the month of July happened.  Simply put, the blog had to take the backseat for sometime until I figured everything out.  But isn’t the point of this blog to figure everything all out together?!

So here we are again.  Welcome back.  Or welcome to you first time friends.  I’m glad we are back in this.  I’ve missed the art of sitting down and typing away, explaining what I’ve learned recently, or what I’m up to these days.  I’ve had many a thought of “Oh why do I even bother, no one is reading anyway…” but at the same time, I’m doing this for me.  How many of us stop ourselves from “doing something for yourself?”  I’m pioneering something for myself here.  Join in all the fun, why don’t you?  

Let’s build this tribe together.

I’m all about quick reads, scrolling if something is interesting, saving posts on Facebook, “liking” things on Instagram.  I’m all over the place these days, but at the same time, I want to take everything all in, and sharing what I’ve been learning with everyone around me.  Is that weird?  Or are you like me, and look to what your friends/family/blogger friends do, and find inspiration from those around you?  But once you find those “things,” what do you do with them?  Do you keep them to yourself?  Or are you like me, a share-er?  

Be a share-er.

Are you excited?  Or are you being polite and still reading because you are a family member or friend and I asked you to read this and maybe subscribe and share?  Either way, thank you for indulging me thus far.  I have grand plans this time around. I have full bullet journals of ideas, brainstorm sessions, and all the experiences I’ve had within the last few months, I’m excited to relaunch Piece of Clareity.  There is so much to look towards.  After all we’re in this game of life together, let’s take steps together and go for nothing but success?


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