Do you ever feel like sometimes if you don’t write things down, you’ll forget them?  Or are you like me, and you know that if you definitely don’t write it down, it’ll be lost in the universe?  Always me. I am habitually forgetting things, constantly worried that I’m forgetting something else, and overall organized (on the outside) but internally, plans fall apart.  But as a type-A personality, and with back to school season upon us, I become reminiscent of my school planners.  Which brings me to today, where I am constantly carrying my notebook planner (bullet journal) around with me everywhere!

Because sometimes, I can be a space cadet.

For about a month after graduating college, I thought “Oh I can manage without a planner.”  Ha!  Balancing grad school, work, planning a wedding, reminding myself what chores needed to get done, a planner was necessary.  I got the standard one that I’d been using for years.  I smart to assign colors to each aspect of life with a certain color pen.  I’d always seemed to lose the colored ink and just stuck with my black Sharpie pen.  Then I got confused, frustrated and would hide my planner for a few days til I was ready to be organized again.

For that time in my life, yes, that planner worked.  But then life became more grown-up for my liking so I had to start really investing.  I tried some Erin Condren planners, and a zillion sticker sets from Etsy shops, but that got tiring and expensive.  And the EC planners,  (fantastic for the three years I used them) kept changing on me.  I’m now at the point where I think my next EC is going to have to be #teamhourly.  So between now and the Christmas holiday season, I found something that works perfectly for my day to day lifestyle.

Planning with stickers doesn’t work for me anymore.

Enter Bullet Journal. I found this on a complete whim, and watched the video (linked below).  I thought this dude was crazy at first-  too much writing/migrating/key/index, etc.  Then I said “Oh what the heck, might as well try this.”  And it began.  And when in Barcelona back in October 2016, I stopped at a stationary store just to buy two Leuchtturm1917 notebooks.  I was HOOKED.  Not only am I more task focused – I don’t forget things!  I get things done!  And!!  I am saving myself time and money!  The Mr appreciates the productivity and savings…

Now, I could write about this bullet journaling process and how my life has been changed, blah blah blah for days.  I will even do an “evolution of Clare’s bullet journaling” post as well…maybe one day.  But I will just say this (we’re coming in on 500 words!).  Every night as the little one is going to sleep, I take 20 minutes to review today, and plan out tomorrow.  I track my habits, my moods, what I wore, what’s going to happen tomorrow, everything.  And to be honest, I feel more complete, well-rounded, less forgetful. Another post to come…

Curious?  Check out the creator, Ryder Carroll’s video on Bullet Journal

Sounds a little more complicated than the process actually is.  Try this for a week.  See what happens.

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