Personal development has really been in the forefront of my mind lately. As evidenced by recent Saturday Skim posts, reading has become essential in my everyday. Even with the arrival of the baby, I make sure I manage at least 20 minutes of reading a day. Makes a big difference in perspective and personal outlook. Heck, had I not started reading again, this blog would have just disappeared off the face of the internet, and would not be making its slow, steady and positive comeback! Enter the book every Instagrammer read for months, and I finally got around to reading…GIRLBOSS

What an enthralling and eyeopening read. There are many people who hated this book, loved it, personally, I was more inspired to keep doing me. I was not overly impressed with her rise to fame, rather, I was impressed with her persistence and her writing style. She was writing like she was having a conversation with the reader, encouraging GIRLBOSS attitude no matter who you are. The rise of Nasty Gal was slow, not easy, and definitely a lot of hard work. She laid it all out there for us to learn. Things don’t happen overnight, they take hard work.

I was inspired. If someone had the courage, stamina and never ending determination to go forth and conquer what she really wants to do in life, then why can’t we all? Lightbulb. I totally get it. She’s got passion, she had no future plan (like a step by step process), she just kept doing what she wanted to do, and the opportunities presented themselves. Now, no she did not jump on every opportunity possible, she was her own decision maker, and strategic. Thinking was required.. One thing I love? Her determination to get her hands dirty just like everyone else.

Legit pic from my kindle....

Legit pic from my kindle….

I read beyond the “fashion” and substituted the word “fashion” for “passion.” While I was reading, the English Lit major in me analyzed the book as “Style” not just regarding the clothing/makeup you wear, rather, how you carry/present yourself in everyday life. I read deeper- how to be your own unique-ness in a world of worker bees. How to stand out in a world where no one really can appreciate who you are unless you finally put yourself out there. (Then again, your personal self-confidence and style has to come from within first before others notice!)c3adc83b-6be1-4d8b-867d-1385d4afd364

As you can tell, I was inspired. I felt the need to clean my apartment til it shines like the top of the Chrysler building, the need to contact people to ask if they want to try out Jamberry, the need to clean my closet (I was 39 ½ weeks pregnant when this happened), the need to blog about everything that happens, the need to just be me. I now feel more empowered to be me, to be unique, to make myself proud of myself again. To do something that matters to me, not something that matters to “the man.”pieceofclareity-girlboss

You must read this book. Even if it isn’t for the aspect of fashion, if you just need a push to get off your feet and attempt to accomplish something- ANYTHING! I saw myself in her story. Not the same past and story she had, but the determination, the passion, the drive and the “I don’t care, I want to get it done and I’ll do it myself if I have to” attitude. She empowered herself to just be, just do, just get things done, and in the process, she became the ultimate GIRLBOSS of herself. Go accomplish life, #girlbosses.

Seriously.  Even if you aren’t female and want to be a #girlboss, you just need daily dose of inspiration, this could be the book you are looking for.  This girl knows what she is talking about, and you should pay attention…

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Enjoy today.

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