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How Being Fearless Changed Me

I was jobless, and had nothing to “show” for all the “work” I had been doing.  So I hunkered down and started job searching, while focusing on my “side hustle.”  I read books, listened to podcasts, stalked Pinterest, you name...

Seconds to Cure

Ever since I started working at the age of 14, one of my first purchases on payday (besides a tank of gas during the summers of lifeguarding) was a bottle of nail polish.  And boy did I HOARD.  I had...

Blogging Process

All over the place.  And I’m not sorry.  But if I don’t write the way I think, how can we connect with each other?  How can you, the reader really understand what “Piece of Clareity” really is all about?

The Comeback Kid

An explanation is needed.  A brief summary of sorts.  Something quick yet gives enough of the story for readers to understand what happened and why August 1st is a relaunch (again!).  Life happened.  Stress, illness (caused by stress), emotional downfall...
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