Calling this a reinvention, a relaunch, comeback, whatever.  But I finally have time to think and sit and write down notes for the future of Piece of Clareity.  (Yes, I’m really looking to make “Clareity” more a well-rounded brand…there’s a lot  I have to work on…)  I decided to go through my list of “blog post topics” and get some inspiration.  I realized that was stupid- because I had nothing creativity wise in my brain to use.  So I decided to just use the little human’s nap time to sit and write a post about how I write posts.    

A blog post about blog posts.  How original.

You can turn away now if you’re not interested.  I get that.  Who wants to read the musings of some random lady, babbling on about Jamberry, blogging, and just fun things?  I do.  I know the Mr. is reading too, so why the heck not?  Back in May, I decided to pursue another career.  So I had all of May/June/July to really sit back and think of the blog.  I wanted to get back into blogging, but just thought “eh.”  So the last two weeks of July, I sat down every night and started typing.  Things.  Words.  Sentences.

All over the place.  And I’m not sorry.  But if I don’t write the way I think, how can we connect with each other?  How can you, the reader really understand what “Piece of Clareity” really is all about?  So I set goals for myself:  500 word posts (legit, each paragraph has 100 words, 5 paragraphs equals one post), 4 times a week (to hold myself accountable) and somehow manage a consistent theme/schedule.  Granted, this is definitely not always going to happen, but I do have some plans in place to make it happen as much as possible.  Legit.

5 paragraphs.  100 words.  Clareity style.

There are articles on “how to write a good blog post.”  I’m not looking to go viral here.  After many wasted moments, stressing out about “good posts”  I’m just throwing my hands up and going unconventional. So here we are.  A week and a half into the relaunch/comeback and I’m just babbling on how I just sit down and write what comes to mind.  Call it crazy, cause at the end of the day, I know what I put out there, someone is reading, and someone probably has a little smirk on their face like “I TOTALLY get her.”

I write thoughts til I can’t think anymore.  And somehow the post throws itself together.  Then I go back and edit each paragraph down.  This is fun.  I love seeing the clareity.  I crack myself up.  And just when content is good, I add some headings (don’t count to the 100 words), some “follow along” and schedule the post.  I’m not worried about what people think of the little ol’ blog, this is a Piece of Clareity.  I started this for me, I’m gonna keep doing this for me.  If you wanna join, please! We’ll have fun together, I promise.  

And after all, you’ve read this far, why not keep going?


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